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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the sun sets, what advantage does Santiago tell himself he has over the marlin?
(a) He has eaten but the marlin has not.
(b) Night time is easier for a man than for a fish.
(c) On the surface, he can see the stars but the marlin cannot.
(d) He will be able to sleep but the marlin cannot.

2. What marlin does Santiago think about as he considers this fish he has on his line?
(a) A female marlin that her mate kept jumping up to see where she was.
(b) The first marlin he ever caught.
(c) The marlin he and the boy caught 86 days ago.
(d) A marlin that once broke his line and got away.

3. How do you know Santiago had never been up in a plane?
(a) He wonders what the sea looks like from that height.
(b) He says out loud that he would never get on one of those things.
(c) He thinks planes are the same size as flying fish.
(d) He hardly glances at the plane as it goes over.

4. How does the old man know the winds will blow all night?
(a) From the curve of his sail.
(b) From the seagulls.
(c) From the currents.
(d) From the clouds.

5. How does Santiago justify killing the shark?
(a) The reward money.
(b) Saving other lives.
(c) Self-defense.
(d) Respect for the marlin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had become a habit for the boy during the old man's absence?

2. When do the sharks return after Santiago loses his makeshift harpoon?

3. What does Santiago promise that he cannot do right at the moment?

4. What does the old man say he has to eat in his shack?

5. What does Santiago wish he could show the fish?

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