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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the meaning of salao?
(a) The champion.
(b) Extreme bad luck.
(c) A small room.
(d) A greeting.

2. What does Santiago think about giving up hope?
(a) He believes there is no such thing as hope.
(b) He believes it is all he can do now.
(c) He believes it is a sin.
(d) He believes it is being real.

3. Santiago's respect for nature and the marlin he has on his line is profound. What does he think about the people who will eat the great fish?
(a) They will receive some of the marlin's strength when they eat him.
(b) They will refuse to eat him.
(c) They are unworthy to eat him.
(d) They will be more dignified than the marlin.

4. What amusing thing does the old man say to the fish as the fish begins to come nearer the skiff?
(a) Fish, you will look good hanging from my wall.
(b) Fish, you are going to die. Do you have to kill me, too?
(c) Fish, why don't you just give up?
(d) Fish, don't you understand that you are beaten already?

5. What does the marlin do as the sun rises on the third day?
(a) It tries to chew the line.
(b) It jumps every ten minutes.
(c) It picks up speed and swims on top of the water.
(d) It begins circling the boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Santiago think would be proud of him after he gets the fish lashed to the boat?

2. What sound of nature replaces human sounds as Santiago rows farther and farther out to sea?

3. How does Hemingway use Joe DiMaggio's injury to show Santiago's limited education?

4. Why do the sharks finally go away?

5. Knowing what is coming as he approaches the island currents, what makeshift weapon does Santiago come up with?

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