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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Santiago's last three weapons he can use against the sharks?
(a) Two oars, the tiller, and a short club.
(b) A broken knife, some big fish hooks, and the oars.
(c) The oars, the anchor, and some line.
(d) The broken water bottle, the oars, and a club.

2. When does Santiago finally see the lights of the city?
(a) After the moon rises.
(b) About ten at night.
(c) Just as he is about to give up.
(d) Early the next morning before dawn.

3. What happens to snap the old man out of his conversation with the bird?
(a) Several shark fins appear in the water.
(b) The fish gives a strong yank on the line.
(c) An albacore jumps into his boat.
(d) The bird starts singing.

4. Why do the other fishermen think of the sea in the masculine, el mar?
(a) They like to think of themselves being as strong as the sea.
(b) They see it as a generous man.
(c) They take shark livers from the sea.
(d) They see it as a dangerous enemy.

5. What does the old man think he killed the fish for besides food and to keep himself alive?
(a) Throwing a big party for his friends.
(b) Pride of being a fisherman.
(c) Revenge for all the fish he had lost.
(d) The lust for killing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Santiago's plan as the fist keeps circling?

2. How does the old man get hurt when the fish yanks on the line?

3. What does Santiago do when another fish takes the bait on another line?

4. What is the boy's name?

5. When Santiago spots the shark, what does he know about the predator?

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