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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the marlin slows and is steady, Santiago finally gets some sleep. What does he dream of instead of lions?
(a) Arm wrestling with the marlin.
(b) Cutting his hand on the fishing line.
(c) A flight on a plane.
(d) A vast school of porpoises.

2. What assistance for the old man does the boy try to get?
(a) He tries to get a new sail for Santiago's boat.
(b) He tries to get his mother to make food for Santiago.
(c) He tries to get the boat he is now on to go far out near the old man.
(d) He tries to get better bait for Santiago.

3. What does the marlin do as the sun rises on the third day?
(a) It tries to chew the line.
(b) It picks up speed and swims on top of the water.
(c) It begins circling the boat.
(d) It jumps every ten minutes.

4. Who does Santiago think would be proud of him after he gets the fish lashed to the boat?
(a) The great DiMaggio.
(b) The boy.
(c) God.
(d) The other fishermen in the village.

5. How does the old man think he could have made better preparation for eating the raw fish?
(a) Soaking it in sea water before eating it.
(b) Cutting it up as soon as he caught it and letting it sun dry.
(c) Splashing sea water on the bow and letting it dry to get the salt.
(d) Chopping it up into smaller pieces.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does he get something to eat?

2. What brings the shark towards Santiago's boat?

3. What is Santiago doing when the boy returns to his shack?

4. What does Santiago fear if he does not sleep after two days?

5. What does Santiago promise that he cannot do right at the moment?

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