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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Even though the boy can no longer fish with Santiago, how does he show his loyalty?
(a) He invites him to his parents' house for supper.
(b) He helps Santiago repaint his boat.
(c) He goes every day to help him unload his equipment.
(d) He gives Santiago a new sail for his boat.

2. Something brings Santiago out of his reverie. What is it?
(a) Something tugging at his line.
(b) The man-of-war bird lands on his boat.
(c) A dolphin jumps over his boat.
(d) The wind gets stronger.

3. What does the fisherman say about the marlin to the boy?
(a) There is nothing left but head, tail, and bones.
(b) He was eighteen feet from nose to tail.
(c) I need a tape to measure this fish.
(d) Why would the old man bring back only bones?

4. Speaking out loud, what does Santiago say to the big fish on his line?
(a) Fish, aren't you getting tired yet?
(b) Come on up and let me get a good look at you!
(c) For heaven's sake, turn around and go the other way.
(d) I'll stay with you until I'm dead!

5. What does Santiago suddenly realize he has been doing?
(a) Going too fast for his lines.
(b) Talking out loud to himself.
(c) Falling asleep.
(d) Thinking about the boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had become a habit for the boy during the old man's absence?

2. What is a favorite topic of conversation for Santiago and the boy?

3. What complaint does the boy have about the fisherman he works for after he is forced to leave Santiago?

4. When does Santiago plan to be out to sea?

5. What amazes Santiago as the boy talks about their first fishing trip?

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