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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the old man pleased that the marlin had jumped a dozen times?
(a) He was getting a good look at his fish.
(b) The fish had filled its air sacs and could not dive deep again.
(c) He thinks the fish is about to die.
(d) When the fish jumps the boat stands still.

2. As his head becomes unclear again, what does Santiago ask himself?
(a) Is he bringing me in or am I bringing him in?
(b) Why am I not dreaming of lions?
(c) What happened to the marlin's dignity?
(d) Why didn't I just tow him behind the skiff?

3. What funny thing does Santiago say to himself after thinking about what he had not brought with him on this fishing trip?
(a) You give me much good counsel. I'm tired of it.
(b) I caught the biggest fish ever but no one will believe it.
(c) Imagine all that work just to feed the sharks.
(d) If more sharks come and eat the rest of the fish, the boat will go faster.

4. Why does the old man's boat move faster as he nears the land?
(a) Sharks are pushing it along.
(b) There is little weight now on the side of his boat.
(c) The winds pick up.
(d) He is being carried by the Gulf Stream.

5. How does the old man know the winds will blow all night?
(a) From the seagulls.
(b) From the clouds.
(c) From the currents.
(d) From the curve of his sail.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Santiago have besides his strength?

2. When Santiago sees the marlin jump out of the water, what does he realize?

3. What does Santiago reply when the boy asks how much he suffered?

4. What does the old man think about to build up his courage as the sun sets on the second day?

5. Why do the sharks finally go away?

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