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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Santiago look for as he sails toward the land?
(a) Signs of land up ahead.
(b) Sails or smoke from ships.
(c) Evidence of sharks in the water.
(d) Dangerous reefs he might wreck on.

2. Santiago hates these sharks because they were something more than killers like the Mako shark. What is that?
(a) Ugly.
(b) Man eaters.
(c) Scavengers.
(d) Stupid.

3. How does the old man console himself as he returns home?
(a) He promises himself never to go that far out again.
(b) The boy will be there waiting for him.
(c) He will never have to go fishing again.
(d) There is little damage to his boat.

4. His back is already hurting him, and then what begins to give him pain?
(a) He cuts himself with a knife.
(b) His hand cramps.
(c) His neck hurts from continually looking down at the water.
(d) The sunlight gives him a headache.

5. What does Santiago think is unjust but something he must do?
(a) Eat more raw fish to survive.
(b) Cut the marlin loose and go back saying he had another day of bad luck.
(c) Kill the great fish on the end of his line.
(d) Act strange for the boy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does his cramped hand make Santiago think about the boy?

2. After Santiago goes back to sleep, what is he dreaming of?

3. Why does Santiago decide to go farther out to sea than usual?

4. What does Santiago mean when he says that he must think because that is all he has left?

5. How does he get something to eat?

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