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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Santiago pulls in the small dolphin he catches on the stern line, what changes does the marlin make?
(a) None. He continues to swim steadily.
(b) He picks up speed.
(c) He changes course and heads south.
(d) He starts going in circles.

2. What does Santiago suddenly realize he has been doing?
(a) Falling asleep.
(b) Talking out loud to himself.
(c) Thinking about the boy.
(d) Going too fast for his lines.

3. Which line below gives an indication of Santiago's respect for nature?
(a) I wish I could feed the fish, he thought. He is my brother.
(b) He thought of how some men feared being out of sight of land in a small boat.
(c) Light brisa, he thought, better weather for me than for you, fish.
(d) God help me to have the cramp go.

4. What is the first thing Santiago asks the boy to bring him when he finally wakes up?
(a) The newspapers for the days he was gone.
(b) A bowl of yellow rice and fish.
(c) The head of the marlin.
(d) Another cup of coffee with milk and sugar.

5. What disappointment does the old man feel because he has been out in his boat for days?
(a) He has not had a beer in two days.
(b) He does not know the baseball game scores.
(c) He has not been able to go to the cock fights.
(d) He cannot remember what the boy looks like.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Santiago realize the depth of his tiredness?

2. How thick is the line the old man uses to catch big fish?

3. Why does Santiago decide to re-bait the the small line over the stern of the boat?

4. What does Santiago do when another fish takes the bait on another line?

5. What is the boy's reaction when the proprietor of the Terrace compliments his catch the day before?

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