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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the shadow of a passing airplane do on the surface of the sea?
(a) Makes the dolphins go away.
(b) Bounces like a basketball.
(c) Scares up a school of flying fish.
(d) Startles Santiago.

2. To what does Santiago compare his damaged hands while harpooning the shark?
(a) The teeth of the shark.
(b) The pain of a sting ray's attack.
(c) Hitting a home run.
(d) Joe DiMaggio's bone spur.

3. Santiago recalls catching marlin that weighed over a thousand pounds. Why is this time different?
(a) This time the fish shows no signs of tiring.
(b) This time he has only a small casting net with him.
(c) Before he always had someone to help him.
(d) Before he was in a much larger boat.

4. What early indication does Santiago get that there are fish around where he is?
(a) He sees the man-of-war bird.
(b) He sees his fishing line moving.
(c) He sees the waves get still.
(d) He sees the fish shimmer in the dawn light.

5. After killing the Mako shark, what is Santiago aware of as missing?
(a) His harpoon.
(b) His casting net.
(c) The tradewinds.
(d) The feeling in his left hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do you know Santiago had never been up in a plane?

2. How does the old man get hurt when the fish yanks on the line?

3. Using the makeshift bat, what is the old man able to do?

4. Why does Santiago think he may have to fight again before he reaches Havana?

5. How long had Santiago gone without catching a fish?

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