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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does the old man hoist his sail?
(a) When the winds died down.
(b) When he thought he heard an airplane.
(c) When he could not row because of the fish at the side of the skiff.
(d) When it is time to return to the island.

2. What does Santiago fear if he does not sleep after two days?
(a) That the marlin will come up slowly and eat his dolphin.
(b) That he will fall asleep and go overborad.
(c) That he will become unclear in the head.
(d) That he might die.

3. When does Santiago realize the depth of his tiredness?
(a) As he walks up the hill to his shack.
(b) As he hauls the marlin's bones out of the water.
(c) As he furls the sail.
(d) As he ties the boat to a rock.

4. What is Santiago missing that will not allow him to attract a flying fish to land in his skiff?
(a) Small fishing nets.
(b) Flying fish bait.
(c) A light.
(d) A frying pan.

5. What does Santiago like to read in the newspaper?
(a) The funny pages.
(b) The weather forecasts.
(c) The baseball scores.
(d) The racing odds.

Short Answer Questions

1. Knowing what is coming as he approaches the island currents, what makeshift weapon does Santiago come up with?

2. Because Santiago always wakes the boy every morning, what does the boy call him?

3. As his head becomes unclear again, what does Santiago ask himself?

4. After many tries to get the marlin alongside the skiff, what does Santiago reach for?

5. When the fish begins circling, what does the old man do?

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