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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the tourist woman think she is seeing as she looks at the fish skeleton?
(a) A biology experiment.
(b) What is left of a shark.
(c) Evidence of a feast the night before.
(d) A fish that died of starvation.

2. Why does the boy stop fishing with Santiago?
(a) His parents do not want him to go to sea.
(b) His parents think Santiago has bad character.
(c) His parents force him to go with a lucky boat.
(d) His parents think Santiago's boat is unsafe.

3. What idea does Santiago have to help tire the marlin out?
(a) Lashing the oars across the stern of the skiff to increase drag.
(b) Raising the sail when the wind blows in the opposite direction.
(c) Tying off the line and rowing in the opposite direction.
(d) Catching more dolphin and making them pull against the marlin.

4. In great pain from the cold, what does the old man hope for?
(a) That he will not have to fight the sharks again.
(b) That a boat will come out and help him.
(c) That the wind will pick up.
(d) That there is a cold beer waiting for him.

5. What happens to Santiago as he carries the mast up the hill?
(a) He falls and cannot get up.
(b) He hears the boy calling his name.
(c) He gets tangled up in the sail.
(d) He has a heart attack and dies.

Short Answer Questions

1. By nightfall of the third day, what does Santiago expect to see?

2. What happens while Santiago and the boy enjoy a beer on the Terrace?

3. Santiago is far out at sea and the fish is from deep waters. What comparison does Santiago make?

4. After the second brown shark is killed, what does it do?

5. What is Santiago's secret for deep sea fishing?

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