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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a favorite topic of conversation for Santiago and the boy?
(a) Travel.
(b) Drinking beer.
(c) Baseball.
(d) Spear fishing.

2. After the second brown shark is killed, what does it do?
(a) It hangs onto the place where it had bit into the marlin.
(b) It pulls the skiff over by its dead weight.
(c) It jumps into the boat with Santiago.
(d) It pulls the marlin down with its lifeless body to the bottom of the sea.

3. What does Santiago like to read in the newspaper?
(a) The baseball scores.
(b) The weather forecasts.
(c) The racing odds.
(d) The funny pages.

4. What does Santiago mean when he says that he must think because that is all he has left?
(a) As long as he keeps on thinking, he knows he is still alive.
(b) Thinking will keep him from feeling lonely without the boy there to help him.
(c) He can only survive by using the intelligence he has that sharks do not have.
(d) His thinking will help keep him awake after losing so much sleep.

5. After eating the raw dolphin, what does the old man promise he will do in the future?
(a) Bring sandwiches.
(b) Rig up a stove on his skiff.
(c) Never eat on the boat again.
(d) Bring along salt and limes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Santiago think he will be out to sea the morning he leaves to go far out?

2. How does Hemingway use Joe DiMaggio's injury to show Santiago's limited education?

3. What is Santiago's secret for deep sea fishing?

4. What two spots does Santiago hit on the first brown shark?

5. Why does the boy stop fishing with Santiago?

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