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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What simile does Hemingway use to show the boy's admiration for Santiago?
(a) He calls Sanitiago his hero.
(b) He compares Santiago to a giant shark.
(c) He says that Santiago is like Joe DiMaggio.
(d) He likens Santiago's fishing greatness to the greatest baseball managers.

2. What is the boy's name?
(a) Jose.
(b) Gabriel.
(c) Pedrico.
(d) Manolin.

3. Who does the boy fear will defeat the Yankees?
(a) The Baltimore Orioles.
(b) The White Sox.
(c) The Cleveland Indians.
(d) The Red Sox.

4. What evidence does the old man have of his long, hard fight with the marlin?
(a) The damage to his boat.
(b) The long wet line he has now pulled into the skiff.
(c) His damaged hands and his painful back.
(d) The look in the marlin's eye.

5. How does the old man console himself as he returns home?
(a) He promises himself never to go that far out again.
(b) There is little damage to his boat.
(c) The boy will be there waiting for him.
(d) He will never have to go fishing again.

Short Answer Questions

1. After killing the Mako shark, what is Santiago aware of as missing?

2. When the marlin slows and is steady, Santiago finally gets some sleep. What does he dream of instead of lions?

3. How does Santiago justify killing the shark?

4. What happens when the shovel-nose shark comes and Santiago stabs it in the brain with his makeshift harpoon?

5. To what does Santiago compare his damaged hands while harpooning the shark?

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