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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Santiago imagine Joe DiMaggio would be able to do what he is doing with the marlin?
(a) He would get too tired because baseball games do not last for days.
(b) He couldn't do it at all because of his bone spur.
(c) Better, because his is young and strong and his father was a fisherman.
(d) Not so well except at clubbing the big fish to death.

2. What amazes Santiago as the boy talks about their first fishing trip?
(a) That the boy has forgotten how big the fish was.
(b) That the boy remembers everything so vividly.
(c) That so many years have passed since that time.
(d) That the boy cannot remember one thing about the trip.

3. What does Santiago plan to do to change his luck?
(a) He buys a new sail for his boat.
(b) He plans to row far out to fish.
(c) He takes his lucky charms with him.
(d) He gets the priest to bless his boat.

4. Which line below gives an indication of Santiago's respect for nature?
(a) God help me to have the cramp go.
(b) He thought of how some men feared being out of sight of land in a small boat.
(c) Light brisa, he thought, better weather for me than for you, fish.
(d) I wish I could feed the fish, he thought. He is my brother.

5. What does Santiago think there are people who are paid to do?
(a) Build bigger boats than his.
(b) Understand the omens.
(c) Write books about fishing.
(d) Think about sin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What complaint does the boy have about the fisherman he works for after he is forced to leave Santiago?

2. What happens to snap the old man out of his conversation with the bird?

3. Using the makeshift bat, what is the old man able to do?

4. After many tries to get the marlin alongside the skiff, what does Santiago reach for?

5. Who does Santiago say should get the head of the marlin?

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