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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After eating the raw dolphin, what does the old man promise he will do in the future?
(a) Bring sandwiches.
(b) Rig up a stove on his skiff.
(c) Bring along salt and limes.
(d) Never eat on the boat again.

2. When the fish begins circling, what does the old man do?
(a) He carefuly starts pulling in the line.
(b) He runs up the skiff's sail.
(c) He gives the fish more line.
(d) He ties down the line to wait for the fish to tire.

3. How does Santiago console himself after the first shark attack?
(a) That he was still alive.
(b) That the worst was over.
(c) That it was all a dream.
(d) That he had killed the shark.

4. As the sun sets, what advantage does Santiago tell himself he has over the marlin?
(a) He will be able to sleep but the marlin cannot.
(b) Night time is easier for a man than for a fish.
(c) He has eaten but the marlin has not.
(d) On the surface, he can see the stars but the marlin cannot.

5. What does the old man imagine about the marlin if it had been alive?
(a) He imagines the marlin would eat the harks.
(b) He imagines it fighting the sharks with the spear on its head.
(c) He thinks the marlin would get away because it can jump so high.
(d) He thinks the marlin could outswim the sharks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the other fishermen think of the sea in the masculine, el mar?

2. What assistance for the old man does the boy try to get?

3. After he finally gets to the shack and puts down the mast, what does Santiago find?

4. What happens to snap the old man out of his conversation with the bird?

5. What happens to Santiago as he carries the mast up the hill?

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