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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Santiago as he carries the mast up the hill?
(a) He gets tangled up in the sail.
(b) He has a heart attack and dies.
(c) He hears the boy calling his name.
(d) He falls and cannot get up.

2. What does Santiago imagine was the reason the fish finally jumped?
(a) To get some air.
(b) To see what manner of man he was fighting with.
(c) To see if the hook would fall out.
(d) To show him how big he was.

3. What does Santiago promise that he cannot do right at the moment?
(a) Get himself a larger boat.
(b) Always bring the boy with him.
(c) Say a hundred Our Fathers and a hundred Hail Marys.
(d) Go to church every morning.

4. What is the one thing not beautiful about the Mako shark?
(a) His movements.
(b) His color.
(c) His jaws.
(d) His dorsal fin.

5. Who does Santiago think would be proud of him after he gets the fish lashed to the boat?
(a) The boy.
(b) The other fishermen in the village.
(c) The great DiMaggio.
(d) God.

Short Answer Questions

1. Even though the boy can no longer fish with Santiago, how does he show his loyalty?

2. What assistance for the old man does the boy try to get?

3. When does Santiago realize the depth of his tiredness?

4. What is Santiago's secret for deep sea fishing?

5. When the marlin slows and is steady, Santiago finally gets some sleep. What does he dream of instead of lions?

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