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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which line below gives an indication of Santiago's respect for nature?
(a) God help me to have the cramp go.
(b) I wish I could feed the fish, he thought. He is my brother.
(c) Light brisa, he thought, better weather for me than for you, fish.
(d) He thought of how some men feared being out of sight of land in a small boat.

2. What does the shadow of a passing airplane do on the surface of the sea?
(a) Startles Santiago.
(b) Bounces like a basketball.
(c) Scares up a school of flying fish.
(d) Makes the dolphins go away.

3. What does Santiago like to read in the newspaper?
(a) The weather forecasts.
(b) The funny pages.
(c) The baseball scores.
(d) The racing odds.

4. What early indication does Santiago get that there are fish around where he is?
(a) He sees the man-of-war bird.
(b) He sees the waves get still.
(c) He sees his fishing line moving.
(d) He sees the fish shimmer in the dawn light.

5. What does Santiago look for as he sails toward the land?
(a) Evidence of sharks in the water.
(b) Dangerous reefs he might wreck on.
(c) Signs of land up ahead.
(d) Sails or smoke from ships.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Santiago plan to do to change his luck?

2. How does Santiago estimate the size of the marlin?

3. Santiago's respect for nature and the marlin he has on his line is profound. What does he think about the people who will eat the great fish?

4. What does his cramped hand make Santiago think about the boy?

5. How does Santiago console himself after the first shark attack?

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