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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Santiago mean when he says that he must think because that is all he has left?
(a) He can only survive by using the intelligence he has that sharks do not have.
(b) Thinking will keep him from feeling lonely without the boy there to help him.
(c) His thinking will help keep him awake after losing so much sleep.
(d) As long as he keeps on thinking, he knows he is still alive.

2. How does the boy act defensively about Santiago as the fishermen look at the marlin's skeleton?
(a) He holds back his tears so the men will not see his concern.
(b) He tells them that Santiago is sleeping and they are not to disturb him.
(c) He starts a fight with a fisherman who is laughing at the old man.
(d) He refuses to speak to the other fishermen in the village.

3. Why does the old man wish to take Joe DiMaggio fishing?
(a) He would like to talk about baseball while he fished.
(b) He thinks DiMaggio would be good at clubbing sharks to death.
(c) He heard that DiMaggio's father was a fisherman.
(d) He wants to get free tickets to a Yankee game.

4. How do the brown sharks attack the old man's fish?
(a) Both of them dive and attack the fish from under the water.
(b) One dives under the boat while the other comes from the surface.
(c) They dart in quickly and swim away with small bites.
(d) They attack the marlin from the head and tail.

5. Knowing what is coming as he approaches the island currents, what makeshift weapon does Santiago come up with?
(a) Carving one of the oars into a baseball bat.
(b) Making a noose out of the fishing line.
(c) Lashing his knife to the end of an oar.
(d) Cutting off the marlin's spear to use as a harpoon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Santiago's last three weapons he can use against the sharks?

2. Santiago is far out at sea and the fish is from deep waters. What comparison does Santiago make?

3. What simile does Hemingway use to describe the island of Sargasso seaweed Santiago's boat passes?

4. What does Santiago plan to do to change his luck?

5. What kind of sharks came the second time?

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