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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Detailed Summary & Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Santiago decide to re-bait the the small line over the stern of the boat?
(a) He needs to keep busy to get his hand to uncramp.
(b) Anything he catches on the small line will draw the sharks away from the marlin.
(c) He thinks doing that will take him mind off his pains.
(d) In case the marlin lasts another night, he will need something to eat.

2. What does Santiago suddenly realize he has been doing?
(a) Talking out loud to himself.
(b) Thinking about the boy.
(c) Going too fast for his lines.
(d) Falling asleep.

3. How does Hemingway use Joe DiMaggio's injury to show Santiago's limited education?
(a) He thinks DiMaggio has chicken feet.
(b) He pretends to know what a bone spur is.
(c) He thinks DiMaggio can poke out a catcher's eye.
(d) He has no idea what a bone spur is.

4. During the time Santiago had the marlin on his line, what does he think the marlin does not know?
(a) That the boat is not just another big fish.
(b) That he has no chance to escape from the hook and line.
(c) That there is a man on the other end of the line and the man is old.
(d) That it is possible for him to work the hook out of his mouth.

5. Why does Santiago feel sorry for the terns?
(a) He thinks they are too delicate for the sea.
(b) He thinks they are not fast enough and the fish will eat them.
(c) He thinks they will get lost over the sea.
(d) He thinks they are incredibly ugly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Something brings Santiago out of his reverie. What is it?

2. How does he know which way to sail?

3. How long had Santiago gone without catching a fish?

4. What does the old man think about to build up his courage as the sun sets on the second day?

5. Why is Santiago so sure that the Yankees will win their next games?

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