The Old Man and the Sea Fun Activities

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Make a scale drawing of a sixteen-foot skiff with an eighteen-foot marlin beside it.

See the Movie

If possible, find a copy of the movie The Old Man and the Sea starring Spencer Tracey. Have a discussion about how well you think the movie followed the book. Discuss who you would cast today if you were doing a re-make of the movie.

Map Making

Make a large map of the Caribbean with Cuba in the central part of the map. Plot how Santiago's skiff traveled during the story.

Make a Game Fishing Bulletin Board

Find copies of old fish and game magazines and cut out pictures of marlin, sharks, dolphins, flying fish, albacore tuna, man-of-war birds (also called Frigate Pelicans), sea hawks, and a song bird that might be found in Cuba. Arrange the pictures as a collage on a bulletin board.

Interview an Old Person


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