The Old Man and the Sea Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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• The old man, Santiago, is pictured as being very unlucky.

• The boy, Manolin, is sad because his parents forbid him to go out with Santiago again.

• The boy continues to visit Santiago and help him load and unload his boat every day.
• Even though the boy has gotten permission to go out with Santiago again, the old man urges him to stay with the lucky boat.

• Manolin reminds Santiago of their last spell of bad luck and how it all ended well.

• Santiago assures the boy that he knows he did not leave out of disloyalty.
• On the Terrace, where they drink beer, the fishermen are making fun of Santiago.

• Santiago and the boy talk about how Manolin was only five years old the first time he went to see with the old man.

• They recall catching a fish that was too large for the...

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