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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sound do the old gringo and Harriet hear, which they think is gunshots?
(a) Horses galloping by.
(b) Gunshots.
(c) Blacksmith hammers.
(d) Fireworks.

2. What type of man does Arroyo view as the most dangerous kind in the world?
(a) An egocentric man.
(b) A stupid man.
(c) A brave man.
(d) A cowardly man.

3. What object belonging to Arroyo does the old gringo destroy moments before his death?
(a) His wooden box full of papers.
(b) His box of jewels.
(c) His soldier uniform.
(d) His rifle.

4. Who holds Harriet back when she tries to chase Arroyo away from killing the old gringo?
(a) La Luna.
(b) Pedro.
(c) Inocencio Mansalvo.
(d) La Garduña.

5. How long does Arroyo wait in La Luna's house without food?
(a) A few weeks.
(b) A few days.
(c) A few hours.
(d) A few months.

6. How does the old gringo feel when he thinks back on his time in the Civil War?
(a) He rejoices.
(b) He feels pangs of love.
(c) He doesn't remember anything about the war.
(d) He wishes the fight could have lasted longer.

7. How did Arroyo plan to shame his father?
(a) By refusing to help his father when he was in need.
(b) By not looking at him when he died.
(c) By denying that he was his father's son.
(d) By stealing all of his father's belongings.

8. What does Harriet think the old gringo smells like?
(a) A fresh bath.
(b) A garden of lilac.
(c) A ray of sunshine.
(d) A sandy shore.

9. Who accompanies Harriet to the chapel where she must pick up the old gringo's body?
(a) Inocencio Mansalvo.
(b) La Luna.
(c) La Garduña.
(d) Pedro.

10. Where is Arroyo's father's dead body hung to rot?
(a) Over the city's fence.
(b) At the Mexico/America border.
(c) In a well.
(d) From a tree.

11. What does Arroyo feel is keeping him prisoner in his adulthood?
(a) His lack of a father.
(b) His race.
(c) His inability to read.
(d) His role in the revolution.

12. Which of the following best describes La Luna's husband?
(a) Handsome.
(b) Academic.
(c) Wealthy.
(d) Athletic.

13. Pancho Villa jokes with reporters about relocating north to where?
(a) To Texas.
(b) To Arizona.
(c) To California.
(d) To Nevada.

14. In what religion was La Luna raised?
(a) Later Day Saints.
(b) Catholicism.
(c) La Luz del Mundo.
(d) Jesuit.

15. On what type of bed did Arroyo sleep when he was a child?
(a) A feather bed.
(b) A mat.
(c) A bale of hay.
(d) There was no bed. Arroyo slept on the floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harriet call "the enemy of life"?

2. Where will Arroyo's body be buried?

3. What does Harriet think is living inside the bodies of all living people?

4. What relationship does Harriet claim to have with the old gringo in front of Pancho Villa?

5. What look does Colonel Frutos García claim is written all over the old gringo's face?

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