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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long have Harriet and Mr. Delaney been dating?
(a) Six months.
(b) Fifteen years.
(c) Eight years.
(d) Two years.

2. What does Arroyo feel is keeping him prisoner in his adulthood?
(a) His race.
(b) His inability to read.
(c) His role in the revolution.
(d) His lack of a father.

3. How does the old gringo say goodbye to Harriet before leaving for Zacatecas?
(a) He hugs her.
(b) He kisses her.
(c) He shakes her hand.
(d) He does not say goodbye.

4. How did Arroyo plan to shame his father?
(a) By denying that he was his father's son.
(b) By stealing all of his father's belongings.
(c) By refusing to help his father when he was in need.
(d) By not looking at him when he died.

5. What type of work did the old gringo do while he was fighting in the Civil War?
(a) Topography.
(b) Combat.
(c) Medical.
(d) Communications.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what weapon does General Arroyo threaten Harriet when he hears about her reaction to the fire?

2. What newspaper did the old gringo once write for?

3. After the old gringo returns from battle and goes to greet Harriet, what has she just finished doing?

4. In what war did the old gringo fight?

5. What does Harriet share with the old gringo, which makes her cling to him in Mexico?

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