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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom were the land grants to the Mexican people?
(a) The king of Russia.
(b) The king of Portugal.
(c) The king of England.
(d) The king of Spain.

2. What object belonging to Arroyo does the old gringo destroy moments before his death?
(a) His box of jewels.
(b) His wooden box full of papers.
(c) His soldier uniform.
(d) His rifle.

3. How old is Mr. Delaney?
(a) In his forties.
(b) In his thirties.
(c) In his twenties.
(d) In his fifties.

4. On what type of bed did Arroyo sleep when he was a child?
(a) A bale of hay.
(b) A feather bed.
(c) A mat.
(d) There was no bed. Arroyo slept on the floor.

5. What does General Arroyo store in the wooden box in his train car?
(a) Enemy scalps.
(b) Old papers.
(c) Arrowheads.
(d) Photographs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does don Graciano allow young Arroyo to hold while he is working in the hacienda?

2. After the old gringo returns from battle and goes to greet Harriet, what has she just finished doing?

3. Where had Harriet been living before moving to Washington D.C.?

4. What part of battle does the old gringo think will be the most exciting and noble?

5. Where does Harriet begin to teach the guerrilla children?

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