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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sound do the old gringo and Harriet hear, which they think is gunshots?
(a) Gunshots.
(b) Horses galloping by.
(c) Blacksmith hammers.
(d) Fireworks.

2. Where did Harriet complete school?
(a) At a public school.
(b) At a finishing school.
(c) At a private school.
(d) She had a tutor.

3. What type of man does Arroyo view as the most dangerous kind in the world?
(a) An egocentric man.
(b) A cowardly man.
(c) A stupid man.
(d) A brave man.

4. What does La Luna say women are that men are not?
(a) Clever.
(b) Secretive.
(c) Manipulative.
(d) Insecure.

5. After Harriet's confrontation with General Arroyo, what beverage does she drink with the old gringo inside the Pullman car?
(a) Mescal.
(b) Beer.
(c) Wine.
(d) Tequila.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the old gringo admire most in Harriet's character?

2. What does La Gardu├▒a do for a living?

3. What type of work did the old gringo do while he was fighting in the Civil War?

4. What does the old gringo think is the path that all young men must take?

5. Who states that the old gringo is probably a man of honor?

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