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Chapter 1

• The novel begins with Harriet Winslow, now living in Washington DC, remembering her life in the north of Mexico.

• Harriet remembers visiting Mexico as a tourist and meeting a man named Tomás Arroyo. In these memories, Harriet dreams of what could have been.

• Next, Harriet remembers crossing the border back to America, and the young boy, Pedro, who accompanied her. Even though Pedro was young, he was already carrying a gun.

• The chapter closes with Harriet lamenting over the fact that her dreams dried up in Mexico, where the climate was hot and stifled everything.

Chapter 2

• Meanwhile, Pedro, the young boy with the gun from the border, is helping to assist Colonel Frutos García dig up the unmarked grave of a man knows as the old gringo.

• Pedro remembers being impressed with the old gringo's marksmanship while the Colonel states that he knew all along...

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