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Allan Gurganus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Will's demeanor on the way home from the trip?
(a) He won't stop crying.
(b) He is hysterical.
(c) He is surly.
(d) He is very quiet.

2. Who is Castalia?
(a) Will's housekeeper.
(b) Will's mother.
(c) Will's sister.
(d) Wills' aunt.

3. Who is Captain Marsden?
(a) Lucy's husband.
(b) Lucy's father.
(c) Lucy's former beau.
(d) Lucy's brother.

4. What town was Ned Smythe from?
(a) Charleston.
(b) Falls.
(c) Atlanta.
(d) Portland.

5. Lucy describes herself as the veteran of _____________.
(a) child brides.
(b) hate.
(c) veterans.
(d) cotillions.

6. What was the name of Lady Marsden's mansion?
(a) The Gables.
(b) Belle Rieve.
(c) The Lilacs.
(d) The Oaks.

7. What does Will do when they reach the lake where Ned was killed?
(a) Sits in a tree.
(b) Cries hysterically.
(c) Lies on the ground for hours.
(d) Swims in the lake.

8. Where did the boy in #9 die?
(a) Appomattox.
(b) Fredericksburg.
(c) Antietam.
(d) Gettysburg.

9. What is the name of the nursing home where Lucy lives?
(a) Lanes' End.
(b) Beachwood.
(c) Shady Pines.
(d) Oak Grove.

10. What is Castalia's nickname?
(a) Cassie.
(b) Sis.
(c) Vergie.
(d) Missy.

11. Where does Will keep his gun collection?
(a) In a safe.
(b) In his desk.
(c) In a closet.
(d) Under the bed.

12. Where does Lucy tell Will she and the children will wait for him at the lake?
(a) At a diner.
(b) At the motel.
(c) In their cabin.
(d) In the car.

13. As a school girl, what topic does Lucy choose to write on regarding the Civil War?
(a) Medical practices.
(b) Battlefields.
(c) Generals.
(d) Lady Marsden.

14. Lucy once follows Cassie ____________________.
(a) to the cemetery.
(b) on her shopping day.
(c) to her mother's house.
(d) to church.

15. In what subject is Professor Taw interested?
(a) Physics.
(b) Sociology.
(c) Theology.
(d) Art history.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Lucy's first daughter?

2. What does Lucy start to do in the afternoons?

3. What does Cassie prepare for Lucy for breakfast?

4. How did the boy in #9 die?

5. Lucy says that there aren't many _____________ at the nursing home.

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