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Allan Gurganus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what state is the town in #15 located?
(a) North Carolina.
(b) Mississippi.
(c) Georgia.
(d) South Carolina.

2. Lady Marsden was known to be a master at _________________.
(a) needlepoint.
(b) fixing clocks.
(c) riding horses.
(d) shooting.

3. Who is Castalia?
(a) Wills' aunt.
(b) Will's sister.
(c) Will's mother.
(d) Will's housekeeper.

4. Where did the boy in #9 die?
(a) Fredericksburg.
(b) Gettysburg.
(c) Appomattox.
(d) Antietam.

5. Lucy says that there aren't many _____________ at the nursing home.
(a) good days.
(b) visitors.
(c) men.
(d) working TVs.

6. Which of the following does Cassie NOT provide for Lucy's bathing?
(a) Epsom salts.
(b) Bar of soap.
(c) Vinegar.
(d) Basin of hot water.

7. Where does Lucy tell Will she and the children will wait for him at the lake?
(a) At a diner.
(b) In the car.
(c) In their cabin.
(d) At the motel.

8. What does Will do when they reach the lake where Ned was killed?
(a) Sits in a tree.
(b) Cries hysterically.
(c) Swims in the lake.
(d) Lies on the ground for hours.

9. What does Lucy start to do in the afternoons?
(a) Write letters.
(b) Bake bread.
(c) Volunteer at the hospital.
(d) Read novels.

10. How long do the slaves from The Lilacs remain after the fire?
(a) 11 days.
(b) 12 years.
(c) 6 months.
(d) 3 weeks.

11. What quirky thing did Ned's mother do two days after learning of his death?
(a) Slept in an army tent in the yard.
(b) Did not sleep for a week.
(c) Cut off all her hair.
(d) Invited people to a party.

12. What does Will purchase when he returns home from visiting the Utts?
(a) More livestock.
(b) A new house.
(c) A Swiss watch.
(d) A new wardrobe.

13. What is the name of the part of town where Cassie lives?
(a) Harlem.
(b) Baby Africa.
(c) Urban Ghetto.
(d) Hell's Kitchen.

14. How old was Captain Marsden when he joined the Confederate army?
(a) 24.
(b) 33.
(c) 13.
(d) 19.

15. Who is burned in the fiery destruction of The Lilacs?
(a) Zelia.
(b) Lady Marsden.
(c) Addie.
(d) Big Sam.

Short Answer Questions

1. As a school girl, what topic does Lucy choose to write on regarding the Civil War?

2. What do Cap and Lucy purchase at Hodgepath's?

3. How does Cap tell Lucy to summon Cassie?

4. Why do the slaves remain at The Lilacs for awhile?

5. What notable thing does Will comment on about his friend, Ned?

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