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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lives in one of Travis' favorite places, down in a deep canyon which is bent in the shape of a horseshoe?
(a) Hundreds of snakes, laying their eggs.
(b) Hundreds of prairie dogs.
(c) Hundreds of long-shanked herons.
(d) Hundreds of sharp-winged swallows.

2. How does Travis feel about marking the hogs?
(a) He is terrified and tries to find a way out of it.
(b) He is looking forward to it.
(c) He thinks it's a tedious job.
(d) He is afraid but knows he has to do it.

3. What did Travis see on the face of a cliff at Salt Branch that impressed him?
(a) Cave men drawings.
(b) Sharp-winged swallows had build nests on the face of the cliff that looked like honeycombs.
(c) A shape in the cliff that looked like a man.
(d) Holes left by meteors.

4. When do the hogs become the most vicious?
(a) When they are two years old.
(b) When being chased.
(c) When they get old.
(d) When cornered.

5. Why does Mama decide that the Spot heifer must be killed?
(a) Old Yeller needs the meat to get well.
(b) It will provide them with enough meat for the winter.
(c) It is no good for milking.
(d) It has hydrophobia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why isn't Travis excited about the puppy that Lisbeth gives to him?

2. What does Travis have to do to the hogs to be able to tell them apart from the neighbor's hogs?

3. Why doesn't Mama want the buzzards to eat the dead animal?

4. How does Travis feel after he shoots his dog?

5. How does Mama prevent Jumper from jumping into the corn field?

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize the actions of Travis when he realized that the roan bull has hydrophobia.

2. Why does Mama say that is was a good thing Old Yeller was there to save Mama and the others from the wolf, but not a good thing for Old Yeller?

3. Summarize what Mama must do while Travis is recuperating.

4. Why is Travis worried when wakes up from his nap?

5. Describe Travis' condition when he returns home after dealing with the Spot heifer.

6. Explain why Travis and Old Yeller head out to bat cave country.

7. Describe what Travis sees after he builds a small fire out of bear grass.

8. Describe what Lisbeth does while staying with Travis and his family.

9. Summarize how Old Yeller gets the wild hogs where Travis wants them to go.

10. Describe Travis' reaction when Lisbeth bring him a puppy as a gift.

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