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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many hogs are near the bat cave?
(a) Three pigs, two sows, and four bar' hogs.
(b) Four pigs, one sow, and a couple of bar' hogs.
(c) Five pigs, three sows, and a couple of bar' hogs.
(d) Five pigs, two sows, and one bar' hog.

2. What does Mama say when Travis gets home and tells her about Old Yeller?
(a) She tells Travis that Old Yeller is probably dead already.
(b) She tells Travis that they will leave right away to go back to Old Yeller.
(c) She tells Travis that they will have to wait until the next day to go back to Old Yeller.
(d) She tells Travis they can't go to Old Yeller until Travis' wound is cleaned up.

3. What does Mama tell Little Arliss to do as she is about to remove Old Yeller's bandage?
(a) She tells Arliss to catch her a big frog for dinner.
(b) She tells Arliss to go play at the river.
(c) She tells Arliss to wait over by Jumper.
(d) She tells Arliss to go catch her a green-striped lizard.

4. How does Travis feel about marking the hogs?
(a) He thinks it's a tedious job.
(b) He is afraid but knows he has to do it.
(c) He is terrified and tries to find a way out of it.
(d) He is looking forward to it.

5. How does Old Yeller get into the fight with the loafer wolf?
(a) The wolf goes after Mama when she stops for water.
(b) The wolf attacks Jumper and Old Yeller jumps him.
(c) Old Yeller tracks the wolf and catches up with him.
(d) The wolf attacks Old Yeller while he is getting a drink.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Papa bring home with him?

2. What does Travis do while Mama, Lisbeth, and Old Yeller go to burn Spot?

3. What are the marks that Travis makes on the hogs?

4. What does Travis decide is a good place to shoot Spot?

5. What is Travis' reaction to Lisbeth helping Mama with the corn?

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