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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Old Yeller do to keep the heifer from charging at Travis?
(a) He sets his teeth into the heifer's nose and flips her over.
(b) He nips at the heifer's heels.
(c) He jumps on the heifer's back.
(d) He jumps up and sets his teeth in the heifer's ear.

2. What does Mama ask Travis to do after he milks the cows?
(a) Kill a doe for meat.
(b) Read the Bible.
(c) Feed the dog.
(d) Get Little Arliss ready for bed.

3. How does Travis' family come to get Old Yeller?
(a) A friend gives the dog as a gift.
(b) They buy him from a neighbor.
(c) The dog wanders to their cabin.
(d) They win the dog at the country fair.

4. Why is Travis' father leaving the family for months?
(a) He is going East to school.
(b) He is working as a field hand in Abilene.
(c) He is going East to care for his dying mother.
(d) He is driving cattle to Abilene.

5. What does Mama make Arliss take out of his pockets before he goes to bed?
(a) His pennies.
(b) His tree frog.
(c) Grasshoppers, worms, bugs, and lizards.
(d) His rock collection.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Burn Sanderson tell Mama about Old Yeller?

2. What does Travis think about Old Yeller?

3. What sound does Travis recognize that he has heard only once before?

4. What does Old Yeller do when he hears the bulls start to fight?

5. Why is Bud Searcy left behind when all the men drive the cattle to Abilene?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the reaction of Little Arliss and Mama to the big dog?

2. Describe Little Arliss' reaction to Burn Sanderson's news.

3. Summarize the warning the Burn Sanderson gives to Travis before he rides off.

4. What is Burn Sanderson's offer regarding Old Yeller and why doesn't Mama accept it?

5. What does Travis discover when he returns home that makes him angry at the yeller dog again?

6. Describe the situation when Travis finds Spot and her new calf.

7. Summarize the fight between the two bulls.

8. Explain why Travis' father is travelling to Abilene, leaving Travis in charge of the family.

9. Describe the agreement Little Arliss and Burn Sanderson arrange.

10. Describe the situation when Travis shoots the deer.

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