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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the first bull become wounded in the fight?
(a) The first bull has his horn ripped out.
(b) The first bull is slammed in the ribs.
(c) The first bull is slammed by the other bull's horn in the shoulder.
(d) The first bull is gored in the hip.

2. Why can't Travis take Jumper close to the Salt Licks where he goes to hunt deer?
(a) Jumper is too old to go that far.
(b) It is too much of a rocky climb.
(c) Jumper will be attacked by a bear.
(d) Jumper is afraid of gunfire and he will scare away the game.

3. What does Travis do to Jumper when he decides he doesn't want to plow anymore?
(a) He pulls Jumper by the reins.
(b) He kicks Jumper in the rump.
(c) He lures Jumper back to the field with an apple.
(d) He hits Jumper across the jaw with a club.

4. How does the bull fight finally end?
(a) Travis shoots at them.
(b) The old bull is killed.
(c) The bulls give up and stagger away with their wounds.
(d) One of the bulls falls in the cart and it rolls down the hill.

5. What does Travis think about as he and Old Yeller lie out under the stars?
(a) He thinks about what a wonderful dog Old Yeller is.
(b) He wonders if his father can see the same stars in Kansas.
(c) He thinks about the day when he will have a ranch of his own.
(d) He thinks about how lucky he is to have a brother like Little Arliss.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sanderson tell Travis about the plague of hydrophobia?

2. What does Travis discover as he reaches the cabin?

3. Why doesn't Travis want to shoot at a running deer?

4. What is Old Yeller's reaction to the bear attack once they are all back in the cabin?

5. What disease does Bud Searcy hope does not spread throughout the settlement before the men get back?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the situation when Travis finds Spot and her new calf.

2. Summarize the warning the Burn Sanderson gives to Travis before he rides off.

3. Describe the circumstances that help Travis come out of his depression over Old Yeller.

4. Describe the procedure Travis uses for marking the hogs.

5. Describe the bulls that come near the cabin to fight with one another.

6. Summarize the fight between the two bulls.

7. Describe the condition of Travis and Old Yeller for the next few weeks.

8. Explain what Travis does to the big dog when he sees him for the first time and what is the dog's reaction.

9. What is Burn Sanderson's offer regarding Old Yeller and why doesn't Mama accept it?

10. Describe what Travis reveals about his relationship with Old Yeller in the beginning of the chapter.

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