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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Travis know that Little Arliss is in trouble?
(a) Arliss is crying which he never usually does.
(b) Arliss is screaming about the yeller dog.
(c) Arliss' screams are loud, shrill, and frantic.
(d) Arliss is screaming for Travis which is unusual.

2. What does Old Yeller do when Travis sic's him on the bulls?
(a) He attacks the bulls.
(b) He runs away into the woods.
(c) He leaps onto the back of one of the bulls.
(d) He circles the bulls, howling.

3. What is the solution Travis comes up with that finally keeps Old Yeller at home during the night?
(a) Old Yeller sleeps with Travis and Little Arliss.
(b) He locks Old Yeller in the storm cellar.
(c) He locks Old Yeller in the corncrib.
(d) He builds a cage to keep Old Yeller in.

4. What does Old Yeller do when the bear slaps him head over heels?
(a) He lies on the ground.
(b) He charges again.
(c) He crawls away.
(d) He staggers into the bushes.

5. When does Travis realize how badly he needs a dog?
(a) When he and Old Yeller are hunting together.
(b) When Old Yeller licks him on the face.
(c) When his spotted heifer has her first calf.
(d) When Old Yeller follows him everywhere he goes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Travis' father leaving the family for months?

2. What does Arliss do when Travis yells at him?

3. What does Travis do to try to prevent Old Yeller from roaming at night?

4. What does Travis think about Searcy's granddaughter, Lisbeth?

5. What does Travis notice about Old Yeller when he first sees the dog?

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize how Old Yeller gets the wild hogs where Travis wants them to go.

2. What is the news that Bud Searcy brings to Mama on his visit?

3. Explain why Travis' father is travelling to Abilene, leaving Travis in charge of the family.

4. Describe how Travis plans to mark the remainder of his hogs.

5. Describe the condition of Travis and Old Yeller for the next few weeks.

6. Describe the bad news that Travis and his family get after taming Spot.

7. Describe the situation when Travis shoots the deer.

8. Explain what Old Yeller does to save Little Arliss from certain death.

9. Describe what Travis reveals about his relationship with Old Yeller in the beginning of the chapter.

10. Describe the situation that Travis sees when he hears Little Arliss screaming and runs to help him.

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