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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Lisbeth tell Travis about her dog, Miss Prissy?
(a) Miss Prissy is going to have Old Yeller's puppies.
(b) Miss Prissy is sick and dying.
(c) Miss Prissy is a purebread fox hound.
(d) Miss Prissy won first prize in at the fair.

2. How does Travis get Spot to settle down so he can milk her?
(a) He puts her into a narrow pen.
(b) He blindfolds her.
(c) He has Old Yeller stand near her.
(d) He ties her head and feet.

3. What does Old Yeller do when the bear slaps him head over heels?
(a) He crawls away.
(b) He charges again.
(c) He lies on the ground.
(d) He staggers into the bushes.

4. How does Travis react to the news about hydrophobia?
(a) He thinks Sanderson is lying about it.
(b) He thinks Sanderson is overreacting.
(c) He is scared and mixed up about the danger.
(d) He doesn't think it is anything to be concerned about.

5. How does Travis' family come to get Old Yeller?
(a) The dog wanders to their cabin.
(b) A friend gives the dog as a gift.
(c) They win the dog at the country fair.
(d) They buy him from a neighbor.

6. What is Little Arliss' reaction when they get back to the cabin?
(a) He is angry at the bear.
(b) He passes out from fear.
(c) He is shaking all over and clinging to Mama.
(d) He is angry that Travis pulled the cub away.

7. Why does Little Arliss want to keep Old Yeller?
(a) He's never had a dog of his own.
(b) He wants a dog to protect him from Travis.
(c) He wants to teach the dog to hunt rabbits.
(d) He wants a dog to sleep with.

8. What is the trade that Sanderson and Little Arliss agree upon?
(a) Sanderson gives Old Yeller to Arliss for the mule, Jumper.
(b) Sanderson gives Old Yeller to Arliss for a home cooked meal.
(c) Sanderson gives Old Yeller to Arliss for a sack of corn meal.
(d) Sanderson gives Old Yeller to Arliss for a pair of Papa's boots.

9. What type of dogs do most of the settlers own?
(a) Pure bred Blood Hounds.
(b) Small, quick terriers.
(c) Pure bred Coon Hounds.
(d) Big, fierce cur dogs.

10. What is the solution Travis comes up with that finally keeps Old Yeller at home during the night?
(a) He locks Old Yeller in the storm cellar.
(b) He locks Old Yeller in the corncrib.
(c) Old Yeller sleeps with Travis and Little Arliss.
(d) He builds a cage to keep Old Yeller in.

11. What news does Searcy bring to Travis, Little Arliss, and Mama?
(a) He tells them that Rosal shot a fox.
(b) He tells them that Jed Simpson shot a turkey.
(c) He tells them that the cows are going dry and the gardens are failing around the settlement.
(d) He tells them that the men will be home in a few days.

12. What sound do the bulls make that are looking for a fight outside the family's cabin?
(a) They snort quietly.
(b) They quietly moan.
(c) They squeal like pigs.
(d) They raise their voices in a wild, brassy blare.

13. Why do the hogs, cattle, and wild animals come to the Salt Licks?
(a) They eat the berries growing there.
(b) They drink from the pond that is there.
(c) They lick the salt.
(d) It has thick brambles where the animals hide.

14. What do the Mexicans call a bull with a horn that hangs down past his jaw?
(a) A droop horn.
(b) A scoop horn.
(c) A loop horn.
(d) A moon horn.

15. What is Old Yeller's reaction when he is sprayed by a skunk?
(a) He snorts, drools, and vomits.
(b) He digs a deep hole and lays in it.
(c) It doesn't seem to bother him.
(d) He rolls in the dirt, and then jumps in the pond.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the first bull become wounded in the fight?

2. What are the symptoms of hydrophobia?

3. What keeps Travis and Old Yeller busy all night long?

4. Why had Papa cleared out all the brush and trees from around the cabin?

5. What does Travis decide to do about Old Yeller?

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