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Fred Gipson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Little Arliss' reaction when they get back to the cabin?
(a) He is shaking all over and clinging to Mama.
(b) He passes out from fear.
(c) He is angry at the bear.
(d) He is angry that Travis pulled the cub away.

2. Why had Papa cleared out all the brush and trees from around the cabin?
(a) He cleared the brush to get a clear shot at Comanches and Apaches.
(b) He cleared the brush to cut down on the bugs.
(c) He cleared the brush in case of a fire.
(d) He cleared the brush so Mama could plant roses.

3. How does Travis react to the news about hydrophobia?
(a) He is scared and mixed up about the danger.
(b) He thinks Sanderson is lying about it.
(c) He doesn't think it is anything to be concerned about.
(d) He thinks Sanderson is overreacting.

4. What does Travis do to try to prevent Old Yeller from roaming at night?
(a) He locks him in the hen house.
(b) He chains him to a post.
(c) He puts him in the barn.
(d) He tries tying him with rope and rawhide string.

5. What is the solution Travis comes up with that finally keeps Old Yeller at home during the night?
(a) He locks Old Yeller in the corncrib.
(b) Old Yeller sleeps with Travis and Little Arliss.
(c) He builds a cage to keep Old Yeller in.
(d) He locks Old Yeller in the storm cellar.

6. What do the Mexicans call a bull with a horn that hangs down past his jaw?
(a) A loop horn.
(b) A scoop horn.
(c) A droop horn.
(d) A moon horn.

7. Who comes to the cabin two weeks after the milking incident?
(a) Lisbeth.
(b) Jed Simpson.
(c) Bud Searcy.
(d) A man comes to claim Old Yeller.

8. When does Travis realize how badly he needs a dog?
(a) When Old Yeller follows him everywhere he goes.
(b) When Old Yeller licks him on the face.
(c) When he and Old Yeller are hunting together.
(d) When his spotted heifer has her first calf.

9. Why does the mother bear come running to attack Little Arliss?
(a) Arliss threw a rock at her.
(b) Arliss threw a rock at her cub.
(c) Arliss wandered into her den.
(d) Arliss is holding her bear cub by the leg.

10. Why doesn't Travis want to shoot a javelina hog?
(a) They are no good for eating.
(b) He thinks they are funny little creatures.
(c) They are not big enough to feed the family.
(d) When one javelina hog gets shot, the whole bunch will attack.

11. How does Travis finally shoot the turkey that he wounded in the pea garden?
(a) Old Yeller tracks down the turkey and trees it, so Travis can shoot it.
(b) Little Arliss throws a stone at the turkey, knocking it down and Travis shoots it.
(c) The turkey runs in circles in the peas and Travis shoots it.
(d) The turkey is slow because it is wounded and Travis is able to shoot it.

12. What does Arliss start catching after Old Yeller arrives?
(a) Rabbits, birds, possum, and other small game.
(b) Copperhead snakes.
(c) Possum and skunks.
(d) Rabbits, moles, and mice.

13. What are the symptoms of hydrophobia?
(a) Watery eyes and lethargy.
(b) Limping and vomiting.
(c) Foaming at the mouth and blind staggers.
(d) Swollen eyes and vomiting.

14. What kind of man is Burn Sanderson?
(a) He is young and rude.
(b) He is rough and crude.
(c) He is young, nice, and polite.
(d) He is old and haggard.

15. What does Old Yeller do when Travis sic's him on the bulls?
(a) He circles the bulls, howling.
(b) He attacks the bulls.
(c) He leaps onto the back of one of the bulls.
(d) He runs away into the woods.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mama wrap Little Arliss' hands in when he is finned by a fish?

2. What is Travis' reaction to Old Yeller when the dog approaches him?

3. What sound do the bulls make that are looking for a fight outside the family's cabin?

4. Why does Little Arliss want to keep Old Yeller?

5. Why do the hogs, cattle, and wild animals come to the Salt Licks?

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