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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Travis decide to do about Old Yeller?
(a) Obedience train him.
(b) Make friends with him.
(c) Teach him to hunt.
(d) Find a way to get rid of him.

2. What is the color of the two bulls?
(a) One of the bulls is a red roan and the other is black.
(b) One of the bulls is a mustard color and the other is black.
(c) One of the bulls is black and the other is gray with spots.
(d) One of the bulls is a mustard color and the other is a red roan.

3. What news does Searcy bring to Travis, Little Arliss, and Mama?
(a) He tells them that the cows are going dry and the gardens are failing around the settlement.
(b) He tells them that Jed Simpson shot a turkey.
(c) He tells them that Rosal shot a fox.
(d) He tells them that the men will be home in a few days.

4. What keeps Travis and Old Yeller busy all night long?
(a) Chasing away coons, skunks, and coyotes from the garden.
(b) Preventing a cougar from attacking the sheep.
(c) Chasing a coyote away from the hen house.
(d) Keeping a bear away from the cabin.

5. What will the hogs do if they catch up to someone?
(a) They will kill their pursuer.
(b) They will back away slowly.
(c) They will turn and walk away.
(d) They will shake their tusks but then run off.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mama make with lye water and hog fat?

2. How does Travis feel when Lisbeth and Little Arliss walk past his door?

3. What does Mama ask Travis to do after he milks the cows?

4. How does Travis know that Little Arliss is in trouble?

5. What is Travis' reaction to Old Yeller when the dog approaches him?

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