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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Travis angry that Bud Searcy comes to visit?
(a) He always yells at Little Arliss.
(b) He tries to get on Mama's good side while Papa is away.
(c) He always insults Old Yeller.
(d) He is a bother to Mama.

2. What condition is Travis in when he returns home after shooting Spot?
(a) He feels stronger than he has in a long time.
(b) He is angry that Spot got hydrophobia.
(c) He is weak, sweating, and trembling.
(d) He is sad and upset.

3. How does Travis feel when Lisbeth and Little Arliss walk past his door?
(a) He feels sorry and mean for hurting her feelings.
(b) He wants her to go home.
(c) He is still mad at her.
(d) He wants to go out and yell at her some more.

4. What does Mama tell Little Arliss to do as she is about to remove Old Yeller's bandage?
(a) She tells Arliss to go play at the river.
(b) She tells Arliss to catch her a big frog for dinner.
(c) She tells Arliss to go catch her a green-striped lizard.
(d) She tells Arliss to wait over by Jumper.

5. What is Old Yeller's reaction to the bear attack once they are all back in the cabin?
(a) He acts like the bear attack was great fun.
(b) He is crying with pain.
(c) He is licking Little Arliss.
(d) He is trembling in the corner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Travis' reaction to Lisbeth helping Mama with the corn?

2. What does Old Yeller do when the bear slaps him head over heels?

3. Why is Travis sickened when he looks at Spot?

4. What is Old Yeller's reaction when he is sprayed by a skunk?

5. What does Mama make with lye water and hog fat?

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