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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sound does Travis recognize that he has heard only once before?
(a) The coughing roar of a charging bear.
(b) The sound of a dog dying.
(c) The whimpering of a bear cub.
(d) The wild snarl of a mountain lion.

2. What is the condition of Travis' wound by the time they arrive home?
(a) It is stiff, swollen, and numb.
(b) It feels a lot better.
(c) It is swollen but not stiff.
(d) It is stiff but the swelling is down.

3. What is the first suggestion Sanderson gives to Mama about keeping Old Yeller?
(a) He suggests that she pay him with the milk cow to keep Old Yeller.
(b) He offers to give her a puppy instead of Old Yeller.
(c) He suggests that the dog stays with them until Papa comes back.
(d) He suggests that she take the boys inside while he grabs Old Yeller.

4. What are the best times to go to the Salt Licks to hunt?
(a) Mid-afternoon and sunset.
(b) Early morning and late evening.
(c) Early morning and mid-afternoon.
(d) Mid-afternoon and late evening.

5. What does Mama tell Little Arliss to do as she is about to remove Old Yeller's bandage?
(a) She tells Arliss to go catch her a green-striped lizard.
(b) She tells Arliss to catch her a big frog for dinner.
(c) She tells Arliss to go play at the river.
(d) She tells Arliss to wait over by Jumper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it hard for a dog to fight with a boar coon?

2. What does Travis discover as he reaches the cabin?

3. What is a strange varmit stealing from the people in the settlement?

4. What type of hog hangs out with the sows to protect them?

5. What does Arliss do when Travis yells at him?

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