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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Old Yeller do when Travis sic's him on the bulls?
(a) He attacks the bulls.
(b) He circles the bulls, howling.
(c) He runs away into the woods.
(d) He leaps onto the back of one of the bulls.

2. What does Travis do to Jumper when he decides he doesn't want to plow anymore?
(a) He lures Jumper back to the field with an apple.
(b) He hits Jumper across the jaw with a club.
(c) He pulls Jumper by the reins.
(d) He kicks Jumper in the rump.

3. How does Travis react to the pending bull fight?
(a) He can't watch because it sickens him.
(b) He blocks his ears from the sound of the bulls.
(c) He is excited and wants to see it.
(d) He feels bad for the bulls.

4. Why does Little Arliss cry when his father goes away?
(a) He doesn't want to stay with his mother.
(b) He just got stung by a bee.
(c) He will miss his father.
(d) He wants to go too.

5. What does Mama prepare for supper after Old Yeller arrives?
(a) Beef stew.
(b) Hotcakes and honey.
(c) Corn meal mush.
(d) Buttermilk biscuits.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Travis decide to do about Old Yeller?

2. What does Travis do as the doe keeps approaching him?

3. How does Travis' dog, Bell, die?

4. Where do Mama, Little Arliss, and Travis sit to see the bull fight?

5. What sound do the bulls make that are looking for a fight outside the family's cabin?

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