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Fred Gipson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sanderson get off his horse and approach Little Arliss?
(a) He asks Little Arliss if he wants a puppy instead.
(b) He slaps Little Arliss for his temper tantrum.
(c) He tells Little Arliss he is acting like a baby.
(d) He asks Little Arliss if he wants to keep the dog.

2. What do the hogs do if a blizzard is on the way?
(a) They stand in the snow until someone leads them home.
(b) They head back to the barn.
(c) They go into caves in the side of the hill.
(d) They pack leaves and dry grass into a thicket or cave and sleep in it.

3. How does the bull fight finally end?
(a) The old bull is killed.
(b) One of the bulls falls in the cart and it rolls down the hill.
(c) Travis shoots at them.
(d) The bulls give up and stagger away with their wounds.

4. What kind of man is Burn Sanderson?
(a) He is young and rude.
(b) He is young, nice, and polite.
(c) He is old and haggard.
(d) He is rough and crude.

5. What does Papa compare training the mind to handle fear with?
(a) Training a foot to kick a stone.
(b) Training an arm to throw a rock.
(c) Training the eye to wink.
(d) Training the mouth to whistle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the symptoms of hydrophobia?

2. When do the hogs become the most vicious?

3. What does Travis think about Searcy's granddaughter, Lisbeth?

4. Why does Little Arliss want to keep Old Yeller?

5. What advice does Sanderson give to Travis about when to shoot an animal with hydrophobia?

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