Objects & Places from Old Yeller

Fred Gipson
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Birdsong Creek

When Mama and Papa first came to settle, they camped here and the mockingbirds were singing and the bee myrtle was blooming.

Dog Run

The area between the two rooms of the log cabin that is covered by a roof. It is used to hang meat and keep it cool.

Drinking Water

This is a pothole of water formed by a running spring from a cleft in a rock by Travis's house.

Salt Licks

A collective term for the settlement area but more specifically it is a scattered outcropping of dark rocks with black streaks in them.

Salt Branch

Another tributary of water where there are other settlements. Bud Searcy says Rosal find a few of Travis's stray hogs on the other side of it.


The sharp tooth of a hog.

Bat Cave Country/ Prickly Pear Flats

This place is where Bud Searcy says Rosal...

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