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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Curley's wife say she married Curley?

2. As two individuals watch George being led away at the end of the book, what are they wondering?

3. At the end of the book, where does George tell Lennie they are going?

4. What horrible does Curley's wife say she can do to Crooks?

5. What do George and the other men decide to do with Lennie after his confrontation with Curley's wife?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Crooks say to Lennie in Chapter 4 to upset him?

2. What does Candy say they should do about Lennie, after they discover what happened to Curley's wife?

3. What does Lennie do after he comes out of the brush from hiding, after his confrontation with Curley's Wife?

4. When Crooks tells Curley's wife to leave his room, what happens?

5. What does George ask of Curley after they have discovered what has happened?

6. What happens when Curley's wife offers to let Lennie stroke her soft hair?

7. At the end of the book, what does George say happened to Lennie?

8. Who is the first image that appears to Lennie as he is sitting in the brush in Chapter 6?

9. What story does Lennie make George repeat to him while they sit together in the brush in the final chapter?

10. Describe Curley's wife.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Once Lennie and George share their dream with the others, other men on the farm ask if they can come along and work for them. In a sense, these men will never be "free" in that situation, so how does living with Lennie and George become a better plan for them? How will these men benefit from the arrangement? How would Lennie and George benefit?

Essay Topic 2

The incident in Weed resulted in Lennie and George having to leave, but why didn't they fight back and tell the truth about what happened? Why didn't they let the others know that Lennie didn't try to rape her? Why did they simply choose to run away? Was this the best choice for them?

Essay Topic 3

George warns Lennie about the puppies several times in the story - they're too young, they need to be with their mother, etc. Do you think that George was worried Lennie might hurt the puppies? Why or why not? Are there any signs that Lennie is going to hurt the puppies before he actually does?

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