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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lennie doing when he comes into the bunkhouse in Chapter 3?

2. What did George used to do to Lennie?

3. How long does George think that it will take him to raise the money for his and Lennie's place?

4. Who is referred to as 'jail bait all set on the trigger'?

5. Why does George want to wait until the morning to get to the ranch in Chapter 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Candy describe the boss at the ranch?

2. Why don't George and Lennie go to the ranch the first night?

3. What does George tell Lennie about the water in Chapter 1?

4. What does Candy say to them when Lennie and George first arrive at the ranch?

5. What does George say in response to the boss' suspicion about why he answers for Lennie?

6. How does George describe the piece of property that he and Lennie are planning to buy someday?

7. What happens when Slim comments on the relationship between George and Lennie?

8. Why is Lennie not smart, according to George when he talks to the boss?

9. Describe the character of Lennie in the first scene of the novel.

10. What happened when George tried to impress a bunch of men once in the past by making Lennie do something?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Once Lennie and George share their dream with the others, other men on the farm ask if they can come along and work for them. In a sense, these men will never be "free" in that situation, so how does living with Lennie and George become a better plan for them? How will these men benefit from the arrangement? How would Lennie and George benefit?

Essay Topic 2

George and Lennie talk constantly about having a place of their own. Besides getting out of having to work for other people, what other reasons do you think they have for owning their own place? What makes this the dream they come back to again and again when they are upset? What would this new place do for them?

Essay Topic 3

When Lennie kills Curley's wife, he immediately realizes that he has done something wrong. In many legal defenses, that would be proof enough that someone could be tried for a crime, even if they were also mentally challenged. That said, how do you think Lennie would do if he were on trial for this murder? Would he be convicted? Why or why not? What could a lawyer present in his defense?

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