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Salinas River

Close to the ranch, this is Lennie's hiding place if he gets into any trouble.


This is south of the ranch, in the California valley.

Gabilan Mountains

This large landmark is near the ranch and the river.


Lennie and George argue in the first chapter over whether Lennie can keep one of these.


This is the last town where Lennie and George had a job, but they had to leave when Lennie unintentionally assaulted a woman.


The farm the men hope to get will have some of these for Lennie to tend, as he is less likely to hurt these.

Candy's sheepdog

The arthritic, half-blind animal is its owner's only companion.

Curley's glove

This object is full of Vaseline. All the men find it disgusting.

Pulp magazine

This is used by men to pass the time. It is a form of entertainment...

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