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Create a Diorama of the Soledad Area

Have each student create a small diorama or other project that shows the Salinas River, the Gabilan Mountains, and other features of the setting.

The Photo Album of the Two Men

Since the descriptions of the characters are so different, have students draw pictures or cut out pictures from magazines of men that they think resemble Lennie and George.

How Many Rabbits are There?

Have students investigate the different colors of rabbits there actually are, bringing in pictures from the Internet or from other sources.

Drawing the Bunkhouse

Have students create a simple diagram of the bunkhouse and how they think it looked in terms of the arrangement of beds, apple boxes, etc.

Stretching the Truth

Have students each come up with another plausible reason why George and Lennie could have been late to their work assignment.

Rename the Characters


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