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Chapter 1

• The novel is set in Soledad, California.

• The two main characters are waking, one behind the other. George is small, dark and quick. Lennie is huge and pale.

• Lennie starts to drink river water, but George chastises him, saying it will make him sick. George tastes it and changes his mind.

• Lennie watches George closely and imitates his every move.

• The men are headed to a new job at a ranch, but the bus dropped them off in the wrong area, so they are walking the rest of the way.

• Lennie is mentally disabled. He keeps asking where they are going, which annoys George.

• George is carrying Lennie's work card so it does not get lost.

• George notices Lennie has a dead mouse that he has been petting as they walk. George takes the mouse and throws it away.

• George tells Lennie not to speak when they...

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