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Short Answer Questions

1. Allerton had been given ____ to perform certain acts once he arrived in England.

2. One letter stated that Allerton had gone so far with his treachery that there was no way ____ could be repaired.

3. Who ordered Weston's arrest?

4. There was a particularly large population growth in which area?

5. The governor of the plantation attempted to handle the situation with _____, an attempt that failed.

Short Essay Questions

1. The Pilgrims had trouble raising corn causing a shortage. Discuss Bradford's comments regarding the shortage.

2. There was a tremendous hurricane that struck the colony in the middle of August. Explain the severity of the hurricane as well as Bradford's comments.

3. Discuss the issues the Pilgrims had with the English regarding animal pelts.

4. The Pilgrims were stuck once again by extensive illness. What was the cause?

5. What was the basis of the conflict regarding trade on the Kennebec and Connecticut Rivers?

6. What were some of the difficulties faced by Winslow when he attempted to hire another minister for Plymouth Plantation?

7. Discuss "The Strange Proceedings of Mr. Allerton."

8. Discuss Weston's actions after the failure of Weston Plantation.

9. The Pilgrims had their share of dealing with unscrupulous men. Discuss this problem.

10. Weston continues to plague the Pilgrims with his underhanded tactics. Examine Weston's next move.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are many accounts of conflict between various Native American tribes. Discuss in detail at least three instances in which the Native Americans went to battle. Explain the circumstances, the battle, and the outcome.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the Separatists' exodus from England to the Low Countries. Where are the Low Countries? What caused the Separatists to leave? In what city did the Separatists settle upon arriving in the country? What were the biggest obstacles? What was the collective impression of the group before leaving England? Was the impression correct? How were the Separatists greeted? Were there opportunities for the Separatists to make a living? If so, how? What was the thing about living in the new country? How did the Separatists deal with the language barrier?

Essay Topic 3

The appearance of Samoset and Squanto was a highly important event during the early days of Plymouth Plantation. Discuss the arrival of Samoset and Squanto. What caused the men to arrive at Plymouth Plantation? Why were Samoset and Squanto the ones chosen to approach? Who was the high ranking member of the tribe? To which tribe did the men belong? How did the men learn to speak English? What was the initial reaction by both sides during the first meeting? Was the meeting friendly? What happened next?

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