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Short Answer Questions

1. The Revered entered into a partnership with which of the following:

2. The Reverend Robinson died in which year?

3. Which of the following disguised himself to trick Bradford into helping his bleak situation?

4. Who managed to take over Weston's ruined plantation?

5. In 1634 this tribe started a feud with the _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Examine the continued presence of the Dutch and trade with the Pilgrims.

2. Who were the Undertakers? What was their job?

3. The people at Weston's Plantation began to suffer from lack of food. Discuss Bradford's impression of the facts.

4. Discuss the next conflict held between the Pilgrims and the French.

5. There was a tremendous hurricane that struck the colony in the middle of August. Explain the severity of the hurricane as well as Bradford's comments.

6. Discuss the issues the Pilgrims had with the English regarding animal pelts.

7. Examine the distress over the growth of the colony and how it came about.

8. Hard times continued to plague the Plymouth. Discuss the resignation of Ralph Smith.

9. Discuss "The Strange Proceedings of Mr. Allerton."

10. Discuss the arrival of the Reverend Ralph Smith.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the founding, purpose, methods, and duties of the Separatist movement as it relates to the traditionally accepted religions of Europe and the Church of England at large.

Essay Topic 2

The Separatists were at the mercy of the British monarchy before they went to Holland. Although the official policies never changed the behaviors of the monarchs varied widely. Discuss the official policy held by the church and monarchy regarding the Separatists. Compare and contrast the treatment of the Separatists under the rule of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth I, and King James I. Which was the most tolerant? Which was responsible for the most amount of persecution? Also discuss who was in power when the Separatists officially formed and who was in power when they fled the country.

Essay Topic 3

Write a biography of Robert Cushman. Explain the relationship between Cushman and Bradford. Also examine the role of Cushman in the settlement of the Plymouth Plantation. Overall, was Cushman's involvement a help or hindrance? What were Cushman's accomplishments and/or follies?

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