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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which adjective best describes the behavior of the crew aboard the Mayflower?
(a) Competent.
(b) Contented.
(c) Rude.
(d) Merciless.

2. Who arrived after these natives had visited the Puritans several times?
(a) Massasoit.
(b) Carver.
(c) Samoset.
(d) Bradford.

3. The queen assigned some of the repatriated people to positions in the ____.
(a) Church.
(b) Castle.
(c) Parliament.
(d) Army.

4. Which is not mentioned as a form of torture?
(a) Dismemberment.
(b) Starvation.
(c) Death.
(d) The rack.

5. Bradford claims that the treatment of those that do not obey the church is as evil as the persecution of early ____.
(a) Heathens.
(b) Emperors.
(c) Prophets.
(d) Christians.

6. What was the name of the new governor's assistant?
(a) Allerton.
(b) Bradford.
(c) Weston.
(d) Brewster.

7. What does the word "seceded" mean?
(a) Merge.
(b) Give in.
(c) Give up.
(d) Separate.

8. What was one of the main obstacles to going to the new city?
(a) Language.
(b) Money.
(c) Land.
(d) Passage.

9. The documents asserted that the group would form into which of the following?
(a) Civil Body Politic.
(b) Children of a new God.
(c) Loyalists.
(d) A direct extension of the Prime Minister.

10. Within ____ the new arrivals had fallen out of good graces with the church.
(a) 6 months.
(b) 3 months.
(c) 18 months.
(d) 12 months.

11. What occurred upon the arrival of the visitors?
(a) Argument.
(b) Celebration.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Physical altercation.

12. The person brought along how many people?
(a) 100.
(b) 50.
(c) 75.
(d) 60.

13. Who was one of Robinson's main adversaries?
(a) Bradford.
(b) Polyander.
(c) Weston.
(d) Brewster.

14. In what year did the signing take place?
(a) 1612.
(b) 1620.
(c) 1622.
(d) 1618.

15. Which queen was responsible for some people being burned?
(a) Victoria.
(b) Elizabeth I.
(c) Catherine.
(d) Mary.

Short Answer Questions

1. Many people fled during the queen's rule and established themselves in which area?

2. The majority of the governmental issues were determined while the group was at which location?

3. During this time the ____ were being closely watched.

4. What was the name of the group after it broke off from the established church?

5. The deaths occurred over what time period?

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