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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Second Book Chapters XVI-XXII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Pilgrims were saved, at least temporarily, when provisions arrived aboard which ship?
(a) Anne.
(b) Mayflower.
(c) Constitution.
(d) Mary.

2. Who was not among the group of people dedicated to taking on the responsibilities?
(a) Standish.
(b) Bradford.
(c) Carver.
(d) Brewster.

3. The text states that the new government would act "for the general good of the colony, unto which we promise all due _______ and obedience."
(a) Submission.
(b) Diligence.
(c) Perseverence.
(d) Fortitude.

4. How long would the agreement stay in effect?
(a) 39 years.
(b) 10 years.
(c) 18 years.
(d) 24 years.

5. Which is not one of the issues being suffered by the people of Plymouth Plantation at this time?
(a) Lack of education.
(b) Taxation without Representation.
(c) Unclean water.
(d) Disregard of the Sabbath.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which is not one of the initial items planted in the new colony?

2. The country had recently been severely affected by which of the following?

3. Bradford comments about the ships that come to trade at the fort belonging to the:

4. Which person finally returned from England with cargo including cattle and letters from England?

5. Many people fled during the queen's rule and established themselves in which area?

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