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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Second Book Chapters XXIII-XXVII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One of the things Allerton was supposed to do was to hire a ____.
(a) Ship.
(b) Tradesman.
(c) Agriculture specialist.
(d) Farm manager.

2. The Reverend Robinson died in which year?
(a) 1626.
(b) 1628.
(c) 1621.
(d) 1631.

3. What were the names of the first people married in the new colony?
(a) John and Elspeth.
(b) James and Felicity.
(c) Edward and Susannah.
(d) William and Mary.

4. The "sad straits" were caused by a lack of skills in the ability to _____ their goods.
(a) Distribute.
(b) Stockpile.
(c) Ration.
(d) Store.

5. Bradford refers to this time as having "some strange and remarkable ______."
(a) People.
(b) Inventions.
(c) Passages.
(d) Occurrences.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which is not one of the issues being suffered by the people of Plymouth Plantation at this time?

2. In 1634 this tribe started a feud with the _____.

3. The person brought along how many people?

4. Another plague swept through the area, this time throughout the Indian community. Out of 1000 Indians, approximately ___ survived.

5. Who was chosen to act as the new governor?

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