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Plymouth Plantation

This place was the settlement made by the Puritans in America.

Religious Freedom

This was the main reason the Puritans left England.

The Mayflower

This was the ship used by the Adventurers first to explore Cape Cod and then to bring the Pilgrims to America.

Virginia Colony

This was the first colony established in America.


This location was home to the Plymouth colony, named after the native American tribe that resided there.


This was the country that the Puritans chose to immigrate to in order to avoid religious persecution.

Cape Cod

This location was the landing place of the Pilgrims.


This was the first city the Puritans relocated to after leaving England.

Leyden, Netherlands

This was the final stopping place for the Puritans after leaving Amsterdam and before leaving for America.

Robert Gorges Colony

This group took over the land abandoned by the...

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