Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647 Character Descriptions

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William Bradford

This person was a leader of the Separatist movement, one of the founders of the Mayflower Compact, and author of OF PLYMOUTH PLANTATION.

John Carver

This person was by far one of the most influential people in leading the Puritans to America.

Reverend John Robinson

This person was a highly influential pastor and a driving force behind the Congregational Church.

Elder William Brewster

This person was a highly revered member of the church and one of the leaders of the movement to escape to the new world to avoid religious persecution.

Thomas Weston

This person was a middleman hired to secure transportation and provisions for the Puritans to travel to America.

Governor John Winthrop

This person was one of the people who led the Puritans to America in 1630 and also served as a leader of the Massachusetts Colony.

Reverend John Rayner

This person was the leader...

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