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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Martina Laborde imprisoned for?
(a) Blasphemy.
(b) Murdering other nuns.
(c) Theft.
(d) Murdering a priest who tried to assault her.

2. How does Cayetano react to the Abbess's attempted hysteria when he first meets Sierva?
(a) He tells the nun to calm down and leave.
(b) He calms the nun down and makes her tea.
(c) He sympathizes with the Abbess and turns all of his attention to her.
(d) He encourages the nun.

3. What natural event opens chapter four?
(a) A thunderstorm.
(b) Winter solstice.
(c) A snowstorm.
(d) The sun's eclipse.

4. How old is Father Cayetano?
(a) Twenty-six.
(b) Forty-six.
(c) Fifty-six.
(d) Thirty-six.

5. How the Viceroy and his wife changed Sierva's cell?
(a) They made it look nicer and more comfortable.
(b) They added more restraints to hold her down.
(c) They added flowers.
(d) They have arranged for her to have a single cell.

6. In the Viceroy's painting, what is surrounding Sierva?
(a) Obedient demons.
(b) Nuns.
(c) Men who look like Cayetano.
(d) Angels.

7. When the nuns steal Sierva's necklaces, what happens that forces the women to return the jewelry?
(a) One of the nuns breaks her neck on a low hanging candelabrum.
(b) One of the nuns falls down the steps while running away.
(c) The Abbess catches them and forces the nuns to apologize.
(d) Sierva grows sick.

8. What does the Viceroy believe about Sierva?
(a) He believes that she is dying.
(b) He believes she is indeed possessed.
(c) He believes that she is the illegitimate daughter of the Bishop.
(d) He does not believe the girl is possessed.

9. At the very end of chapter three, what sort of complaint does Cayetano lodge on Sierva's behalf?
(a) Unsanitary washing conditions.
(b) Cruel punishments from the Abbess.
(c) Uncomfortable lodgings.
(d) Bad food.

10. What is the new Viceroy's name?
(a) Don Roberto de Buen Lozagos.
(b) Don Rodrigo de Buen Lozano.
(c) Don Pedro de Buen Lozano.
(d) Don Roberto du Bueno.

11. In chapter three, where does the Abbess first find Sierva in the convent?
(a) The classrooms.
(b) The Abbess's office.
(c) The slave quarters.
(d) The kitchen.

12. While writing love poems to Sierva, what memory seizes Cayetano?
(a) He remembers being Sierva's age and being beaten by his father.
(b) He remembers the Rector throwing away a treasured book.
(c) He remembers a woman he loved who died tragically.
(d) He remembers going to jail at 17-years-old, which led to becoming a priest.

13. Where does the Viceroy stay when he comes to New Grenada?
(a) The fanciest inn.
(b) The Marquis's mansion.
(c) The Bishop's palace.
(d) The convent.

14. In Dr. Abrenuncio's view, what is an exorcism?
(a) A necessary evil.
(b) A psychosomatic cure.
(c) Torture and destruction.
(d) A humane way to cure madness.

15. Who in the convent is separated completely from the outside world?
(a) The novices.
(b) The slaves.
(c) The nuns.
(d) The prisoners.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his second meeting with Sierva, what happens when Cayetano lets the girl loose?

2. Whom does Sierva befriend when she first comes to the convent?

3. What document does the Bishop use as evidence of Sierva's demonic possession?

4. What does Cayetano tell Sierva in chapter four to comfort her?

5. Where in the convent is Sierva initially kept?

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