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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Father Cayetano?
(a) Thirty-six.
(b) Twenty-six.
(c) Fifty-six.
(d) Forty-six.

2. How does Cayetano, in chapter three, win Sierva's trust?
(a) He brings the girl fresh fruit.
(b) He brushes the girl's hair.
(c) He buys the girl fresh pastries.
(d) He helps her bathe.

3. In chapter three, what causes Sierva to become violently hysterical?
(a) The nuns try to steal her necklaces.
(b) The nuns try to cut her hair.
(c) The nuns try to clean her self-inflicted wounds.
(d) The Bishop attempts to perform an exorcism.

4. What realization do the doctor and priest have about Sierva?
(a) She is probably possessed.
(b) She is manipulating everyone in order to escape her family.
(c) She will likely commit suicide.
(d) They cannot save her from the Church.

5. How does Cayetano react to the Abbess's attempted hysteria when he first meets Sierva?
(a) He sympathizes with the Abbess and turns all of his attention to her.
(b) He calms the nun down and makes her tea.
(c) He tells the nun to calm down and leave.
(d) He encourages the nun.

6. What information does Dr. Abrenuncio impart to Cayetano?
(a) Sierva is at risk for developing rabies.
(b) The history of rabies and whether Sierva is at risk.
(c) The town is gossiping about Cayetano's relationship with Sierva.
(d) Sierva was abused by her mother.

7. How does Sierva act around the nuns when people start claiming she is center of all evil in the convent?
(a) She pretends to speak in demonic voices.
(b) She pretends that the demons are forcing her to hurt herself.
(c) She protests her innocence.
(d) She prays at all hours in hopes that everyone notices her piety.

8. In Dr. Abrenuncio's view, what is an exorcism?
(a) A humane way to cure madness.
(b) Torture and destruction.
(c) A necessary evil.
(d) A psychosomatic cure.

9. Where in the convent is Sierva initially kept?
(a) The Abbess's room.
(b) The seamstress's office.
(c) The jail.
(d) The slave quarters.

10. What is striking about Sierva's dream as she relates it to Cayetano?
(a) He wrote a story that sounds a lot like her dream.
(b) He was featured in the dream as Sierva's lover.
(c) He had the same dream before meeting her.
(d) The Bishop had the exact same dream a few nights earlier.

11. What kind of jewelry is Sierva wearing when she arrives at the convent?
(a) Nigerian.
(b) Algerian.
(c) Abynissian.
(d) Santeria.

12. How do Cayetano and Dr. Abrenuncio communicate?
(a) Spanish.
(b) English.
(c) Latin.
(d) French.

13. In the Governor's dinner for the Viceroy, what is the entertainment?
(a) Sierva speaking in demonic voices.
(b) A nun playing the harp.
(c) A nude Abyssinian woman.
(d) Slaves singing.

14. About how many nuns reside in the convent?
(a) 120.
(b) 15.
(c) 50.
(d) 400.

15. Although he is assigned as Sierva's exorcist, what is Cayetano's true desire for his career?
(a) Teacher.
(b) Librarian.
(c) Musician.
(d) Bishophood.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who, upon her arrival, takes a special interest in Sierva?

2. How does the Abbess feel about the South American aristocrats?

3. What document does the Bishop use as evidence of Sierva's demonic possession?

4. In the Viceroy's painting, what is surrounding Sierva?

5. When the nuns steal Sierva's necklaces, what happens that forces the women to return the jewelry?

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