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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the very end of chapter three, what sort of complaint does Cayetano lodge on Sierva's behalf?
(a) Bad food.
(b) Unsanitary washing conditions.
(c) Uncomfortable lodgings.
(d) Cruel punishments from the Abbess.

2. In his second meeting with Sierva, what happens when Cayetano lets the girl loose?
(a) She kisses him.
(b) She hugs him.
(c) She bites him.
(d) She kicks him.

3. What does the Vicereine do in retaliation of the Governor's entertainment at the Viceroy's dinner?
(a) She buys the Abyssinian woman and sets her free.
(b) She slaps the Governor.
(c) She leaves her husband.
(d) She brings Sierva to dinner with the Abbess.

4. What natural event opens chapter four?
(a) A snowstorm.
(b) The sun's eclipse.
(c) Winter solstice.
(d) A thunderstorm.

5. At the end of chapter four, what does Sierva refuse to do?
(a) Visit with her mother.
(b) Visit with Cayetano.
(c) Visit with Dr. Abrenuncio.
(d) Visit with her father.

6. What realization do the doctor and priest have about Sierva?
(a) She will likely commit suicide.
(b) She is probably possessed.
(c) They cannot save her from the Church.
(d) She is manipulating everyone in order to escape her family.

7. How does Sierva act around the nuns when people start claiming she is center of all evil in the convent?
(a) She pretends to speak in demonic voices.
(b) She pretends that the demons are forcing her to hurt herself.
(c) She prays at all hours in hopes that everyone notices her piety.
(d) She protests her innocence.

8. How does Cayetano, in chapter three, force himself to focus on the preparations for the exorcism?
(a) Self-flagellation.
(b) Calisthenics.
(c) Poetry.
(d) Prayer.

9. When the Abbess drags Sierva away from the slave quarters in chapter three, how does Sierva react?
(a) She urinates on herself.
(b) She screams obscenities at all the passing nuns.
(c) She defecates herself.
(d) She faints.

10. How does the Abbess feel about the Bishop?
(a) She likes him but does not respect him.
(b) She resents him.
(c) She trusts him.
(d) She is in love with him.

11. How old is Father Cayetano?
(a) Twenty-six.
(b) Forty-six.
(c) Thirty-six.
(d) Fifty-six.

12. Who in the convent is separated completely from the outside world?
(a) The novices.
(b) The prisoners.
(c) The slaves.
(d) The nuns.

13. What forbidden activity is used to celebrate the arrival of the Viceroy?
(a) Fire walking.
(b) Carnivale.
(c) Dances.
(d) Singing.

14. Although he is assigned as Sierva's exorcist, what is Cayetano's true desire for his career?
(a) Teacher.
(b) Librarian.
(c) Musician.
(d) Bishophood.

15. Whom does Sierva befriend when she first comes to the convent?
(a) The seamstress.
(b) The novices from Africa.
(c) The cook.
(d) The slave women.

Short Answer Questions

1. In their meeting, over what issue do the Bishop and Viceroy clash?

2. In Cayetano's dream, what is Sierva eating?

3. What information does Cayetano give to the Bishop after the natural event of chapter four?

4. What is Martina Laborde imprisoned for?

5. In chapter three, what causes Sierva to become violently hysterical?

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