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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was food brought to the convent during the fighting between the Bishop and the Santa Clara convent in the earlier centuries?
(a) A secret tunnel.
(b) Bundles thrown from the trees.
(c) Bundles tied to arrows shot over the walls.
(d) Courier pigeons.

2. When Cayetano is sent to see Sierva in chapter four, how is she dressed?
(a) As a nun.
(b) In boy's clothing.
(c) In rags.
(d) Fine clothes and jewels.

3. What does Sierva predict during her first encounter with Cayetano?
(a) She will never be free again.
(b) She will die soon.
(c) She will be released soon.
(d) The Bishop will take her away.

4. In what state is Cayetano over Sierva during the Viceroy's visit?
(a) He feels disgusted by her.
(b) He is obsessed with her.
(c) He despairs of her heresy.
(d) He is exhausted from trying to help her.

5. What kind of jewelry is Sierva wearing when she arrives at the convent?
(a) Abynissian.
(b) Algerian.
(c) Nigerian.
(d) Santeria.

6. How old is Father Cayetano?
(a) Fifty-six.
(b) Forty-six.
(c) Thirty-six.
(d) Twenty-six.

7. When she first meets the Abbess, how does Sierva behave?
(a) She screams blasphemous phrases.
(b) She acts violently and refuses to speak.
(c) She faints.
(d) She is very respectful to the Abbess.

8. What information does Dr. Abrenuncio impart to Cayetano?
(a) Sierva is at risk for developing rabies.
(b) Sierva was abused by her mother.
(c) The town is gossiping about Cayetano's relationship with Sierva.
(d) The history of rabies and whether Sierva is at risk.

9. Who finds Cayetano in a sorry state at the end of chapter four?
(a) Dr. Abrenuncio.
(b) The Marquis.
(c) Sierva.
(d) The Bishop.

10. What document does the Bishop use as evidence of Sierva's demonic possession?
(a) A book on African demons.
(b) The Acta.
(c) The Bible.
(d) The Koran.

11. How does Cayetano learn about the demons that he believes are controlling Sierva in Chapter 3?
(a) He reads about African culture.
(b) He listens to the slaves' stories.
(c) He reads about them in the Bishop's library.
(d) He listens to gossip on the streets.

12. How does Cayetano, in chapter three, win Sierva's trust?
(a) He helps her bathe.
(b) He brings the girl fresh fruit.
(c) He buys the girl fresh pastries.
(d) He brushes the girl's hair.

13. In the Viceroy's painting, what is surrounding Sierva?
(a) Angels.
(b) Obedient demons.
(c) Men who look like Cayetano.
(d) Nuns.

14. What forbidden activity is used to celebrate the arrival of the Viceroy?
(a) Dances.
(b) Carnivale.
(c) Fire walking.
(d) Singing.

15. When Sierva becomes friendlier to Cayetano, how does the priest react?
(a) He begins to feel disgusted by her.
(b) He suspects she is attempting to trick him.
(c) He grows frightened of her.
(d) He begins to fall in love with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where in the convent is Sierva initially kept?

2. Where does the Viceroy stay when he comes to New Grenada?

3. Although he is assigned as Sierva's exorcist, what is Cayetano's true desire for his career?

4. In chapter three, to whom does the Marquis turn when he realizes he wants to get Sierva out of the convent?

5. What is Martina Laborde imprisoned for?

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