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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rabid animals attack the town?
(a) Cats.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Birds.
(d) Monkeys.

2. What does the Marquis do for Sierva, despite what Dr. Abrenuncio tells him?
(a) He takes her to the Bishop.
(b) He takes her to several quacks to try to cure her.
(c) He forces her to take communion.
(d) He ignores her symptoms.

3. Where does Bernarda go after Judas's death?
(a) Argentina.
(b) France.
(c) The Mahates sugar plantation.
(d) The Marquis's summer cottage in Colombia.

4. Who reminds Don Ygnacio about the animal biting Sierva?
(a) The Abbess.
(b) Dominga.
(c) Sagunta.
(d) Bernarda.

5. What bites Sierva in the marketplace?
(a) A monkey.
(b) A dog.
(c) A cat.
(d) A person.

6. Whom does Don Ygnacio meet on his way back from visiting a man with rabies?
(a) The Abbess.
(b) Father Cayetano.
(c) The Bishop.
(d) Dr. Abrenuncio.

7. What is unique about the skull?
(a) Copper colored hair is growing from it.
(b) The teeth are all golden.
(c) There is no damage to it.
(d) There are tribal designs carved into the bone.

8. What terrified Ygnacio on his father's estate?
(a) The isolation.
(b) The stories of ghosts.
(c) The farm animals.
(d) The storms.

9. Where does Sierva spend all her time?
(a) The church.
(b) The sugarcane fields.
(c) Slave quarters.
(d) The market.

10. What does the Bishop tell the Marquis about his daughter?
(a) She is possessed by demons.
(b) She is not mad, but undisciplined.
(c) She must be baptized.
(d) She is going to die.

11. After the death of his wife, why does Ygnacio keep his dogs near?
(a) They comfort him, as his wife loved the dogs.
(b) He is afraid to be alone.
(c) He is afraid of the slaves.
(d) He believes they are the only things that love him.

12. What is Don Ygnacio's title?
(a) Prince.
(b) Bishop.
(c) Duke.
(d) Marquis.

13. What are the slaves sent to do towards the end of chapter one?
(a) Find herbs that are meant to cure Sierva.
(b) Beg for money and food.
(c) Find a doctor for Sierva.
(d) Gather up their animals to be sold.

14. What does Bernarda believe was the beginning of her downfall?
(a) Giving birth to Sierva.
(b) Her marriage to the Marquis.
(c) Her arrival in New Grenada.
(d) Her affair with Judas.

15. What does the Bishop consider Dr. Abrenuncio?
(a) A demon.
(b) A smart man.
(c) A misguided doctor.
(d) A heretic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What drug does Judas introduce to Bernarda?

2. What are Bernarda Cabrera's two drugs of choice?

3. How does Bernarda spend her time after Judas's death?

4. At the end of chapter two, what does the narrator state will happen to Sierva?

5. From what continent do Sierva's language skills come from?

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