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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Felix startle the other characters when he first arrives?

2. Felix says that his divorce is hardest on who?

3. Which character is the most concerned about playing poker instead of talking?

4. Where does Vinnie say he is going the morning after the first poker game?

5. What is Oscar's wife's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the conflict between Felix and Oscar resolved at the end of the play?

2. What do the poker players talk about during the last game, and why?

3. Why is Speed upset with the state of the apartment during the second poker game?

4. What do the Pigeon sisters look like, and how do they act?

5. Describe the friends with whom Oscar plays poker.

6. What does Oscar tell the other poker players to do in the last line of the play, and what does this show about Oscar?

7. What is the climax of the play, as demonstrated in the final scene?

8. Why does Felix refuse to go the Pigeon sister's apartment, and how does Oscar react?

9. Why does Oscar offer to let Felix move in?

10. What happens to Felix the morning before the play begins, and why is this especially traumatic to Felix?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe the basic elements of a plot, and give detailed examples of those elements from The Odd Couple.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze how the setting of The Odd Couple influences the story.

Essay Topic 3

Explain in detail why it is important to study a performance of a play in addition to reading it in class.

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