The Odd Couple Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the condition of Oscar's apartment at the beginning of the play. What does this say about Oscar?

At the beginning of the play, Oscar's apartment is a complete mess; pizza boxes, beer bottles, and half-eaten food are everywhere. Oscar offers the poker players some green sandwiches. This says that Oscar is not concerned with how he appears to others, and is very carefree and possibly irresponsible.

2. Describe the friends with whom Oscar plays poker.

Oscar plays poker with four friends; Murray, a police officer; Speed, who has a very dry, sarcastic wit; Vinnie, who is constantly trying to top Speed's one-liners; and Roy, who is Oscar's longtime friend and accountant.

3. What happens to Felix the morning before the play begins, and why is this especially traumatic to Felix?

The morning before the play begins, Felix's wife tells him that she wants a divorce. This is especially traumatic for Felix because he is with his wife for twelve years, and does not react well to change.

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