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The Odd Couple Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topics

Explain in detail how The Odd Couple has at least five of the crucial dramatic elements that we discuss in class.

Define characterization in your own words, and describe in detail Neil Simon's methods of developing characterizations.

Analyze how Oscar, Felix, and the Pigeon Sisters demonstrate gender norms of the time period in which the play is set.

Explain in detail why it is important to study a performance of a play in addition to reading it in class.

Describe what a foil is, and explain how Oscar and Felix are foils for each other.

Using examples from the play, analyze how Oscar and Felix develop as characters throughout the play.

Evaluate what you think is the message Neil Simon is trying to send about human relationships in The Odd Couple.

Compare and contrast the marriages and divorces of Oscar and Felix, and analyze what these events reveal...

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