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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Viola say she did see in her dream in Chapter 24?

2. Why does Odd say that his father gave his mother a generous lifestyle to live in?

3. Where does Odd drive to after leaving his mothers?

4. What tattoo does Odd realize that Robertson has on his body?

5. What does Odd find in the container in Robertson's freezer with the name Heather Johnson on it?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Odd explain that Terri's interest in Elvis and her dead husband are connected?

2. What do Stormy and Odd talk about in Chapter 27 when she tells Odd she is in a hurry to get married?

3. Explain what Odd decides to do after he finds Robertson's body in his bathroom.

4. Explain what happens in Chapter 52 when Odd goes to see his mother.

5. Describe the scene when Odd goes to see his father.

6. What conversation does Odd and Stormy have in Chapter 45?

7. What does Odd find when he reexamines Robertson's body?

8. What does Odd find at the abandoned church when he goes there to hide Robertson's body?

9. What happens when Odd arrives at the mall in Chapters 57 and 58?

10. What does Odd suspect about Cymry?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Thomas says 'A flipped fork flicked my forehead' in chapter fifty-one while explaining how he got an injury caused by Robertson.

Part 1) Could this piece of alliteration also be a tongue twister? Are there other moments of alliteration used in the story?

Part 2) What other literary tools does the author use in the story?

Essay Topic 2

Ozzie, Terri and the chief all have a significant role in Odd's life.

Part 1) Compare these three characters and the place that they have in Odd's life.

Part 2) Terri is described as the mother figure and the chief is the father figure. What role does Ozzie seem to fall into?

Part 3) Speculate on the ways that Odd and Terri's relationship will change now that Odd has lost his love much like Terri did.

Essay Topic 3

Odd was willing to do whatever it took to save Viola but he wasn't willing to say anything to the blond girl from the bowling alley.

Part 1) Explain the differences in these two characters for Odd.

Part 2) Why does the author chose never to name this girl and Odd chooses never to casually speak to her?

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