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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stormy accuse Odd of having?

2. What else does Odd say draws the attention of the bodachs in addition to murders?

3. What is Odd looking for when he first enters Fungus Man's home?

4. What does Odd say he will NEVER contemplate a career in?

5. What does Odd say that the Fungus Man's metabolism must be like if he can eat as much food as he orders in chapter five?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter fourteen what does the chief tell Odd that they have found out about Robertson?

2. What happens after Odd reenters the Fungus Man's house in Chapter 11?

3. Describe the Fungus Man as Odd sees him in Chapter 5.

4. How does Odd describe the connection between Elvis and Terri in Chapter 6?

5. What does Odd believe the black room to be after he first encounters it?

6. What does Mrs. Sanchez think has happened to her family?

7. In chapter one how does Odd describe what he is after he has confronted Harlo?

8. Describe the scene in chapter fifteen when Odd goes to find Ozzie's cow has been blown up.

9. What does Stormy and Odd discuss in Chapter 21 about marriage?

10. What does Stormy and Odd talk about when he first tells her about breaking into Robertson's house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Odd is recounting these events in his own memoirs.

Part 1) Given the way that Odd is talking while writing the memoirs and the way he spoke before is there any indication to show a great change that he himself seems to sense? Explain.

Part 2) Ozzie tells Odd to keep the mood light. What is the purpose of Ozzie telling Odd this?

Essay Topic 2

Compare Terri to Odd.

Part 1) Is it possible that Terri is a shadow of what Odd will become in his grieving for Stormy as Terri does for her husband?

Part 2) In what ways are Terri and Odd different?

Essay Topic 3

Pick one of the following to write about.

Part 1) Is there any indication that the prostitute at the church left after Odd spoke to her.

Part 2) Is it possible, or is there any indication that the coyotes that surrounded Odd at the church may have been influenced by something such as the bodachs?

Part 3) Speculate on what happened to Robertson after his group's plans were thwarted.

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