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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Odd notice about the sounds in Fungus Man's house?
(a) There are no sounds.
(b) There is the sound of death.
(c) He can hear whispering.
(d) The sounds are extremely loud.

2. In Chapter 10 what does Odd say he would have said if he had been able to talk to the other him standing in the doorway of the room?
(a) Have we met before?
(b) Read any good books lately?
(c) What's up?
(d) How's it hanging?

3. What does Odd say about the connection between him and Stormy?
(a) He enjoys her company.
(b) They are just friends.
(c) They are going into business together.
(d) They are soul mates.

4. What is the neighborhood called when Fungus Man drives to?
(a) Hades Room.
(b) Camp's End.
(c) Hard Luck.
(d) Gato Frito.

5. What does Odd say that the Fungus Man's metabolism must be like if he can eat as much food as he orders in chapter five?
(a) A cockroach the size of Texas.
(b) A sumo wrestler in training.
(c) A linebacker for Greenbay trying to double his size.
(d) Tasmanian devil on methamphetamine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What day does Odd say the story begins on?

2. What does Odd say he will NEVER contemplate a career in?

3. How did Rosalia Sanchez lose her sisters?

4. How did Stormy's parents die?

5. Why does Odd say that the dead don't talk?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the places in which Odd has seen the bodachs, or expects he would have seen them, as he explains in Chapter 5.

2. Describe the scene in chapter fifteen when Odd goes to find Ozzie's cow has been blown up.

3. Describe the Fungus Man as Odd sees him in Chapter 5.

4. What does Odd notice about the differences between the study and the rest of Robertson's house?

5. How does Odd describe the connection between Elvis and Terri in Chapter 6?

6. What does Stormy and Odd discuss in Chapter 21 about marriage?

7. What does Mrs. Sanchez think has happened to her family?

8. In chapter one how does Odd describe what he is after he has confronted Harlo?

9. In chapter fourteen what does the chief tell Odd that they have found out about Robertson?

10. What does Stormy and Odd talk about when he first tells her about breaking into Robertson's house?

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