Odd Thomas Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How is Granny Sugars described in Chapter 1?

She drank a lot and enjoyed playing poker. She said that you could bargain with God and referred to him as 'that old rug merchant' (page 4). She would promise God to do things for him if he would give her a few good hands at poker and she made a lot of her income by playing poker. She didn't always do what she said she would do but explained that God expected this. She died in her sleep at the age of seventy-two with an empty bottle of brandy by the bed and a smile on her face.

2. How does Odd describe the relationship between him and Stormy in Chapter 1?

He says that he would jump off a cliff for her providing she had a good reason for it. He also says that she wouldn't ask him to do such a thing. They both have the same birthmark and a fortune telling machine gave them something explaining that they were going to be together. He says that they are soul mates and he loves her a great deal. He says that Stormy is very independent.

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