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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 36-41.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Odd tell Ozzie to do after Odd is out of the house?
(a) Call the police.
(b) Lock the doors.
(c) Close the windows.
(d) Get out of town.

2. What does Odd see in Chapter 14 before he leaves Robertson's house?
(a) A black cat.
(b) A raven.
(c) A swallow.
(d) A snake.

3. When Odd looks in Fungus Man's file cabinet in chapter thirteen, what does Odd find under the name Robert Thomas Robertson, Fungus Man's real name?
(a) A diary.
(b) Calendar day Wednesday, August 15.
(c) A satanic catalogue.
(d) An odd poem.

4. What does Odd find when he goes to the chief's house in Chapter 39?
(a) The chief has had a heart attack.
(b) The chief has been shot.
(c) Bodachs cover the house.
(d) Elvis is there on the roof.

5. What has Boone's cat done that makes Odd dislike him?
(a) Threw up on Odd's lap.
(b) Scratched Odd's legs.
(c) Pooped in Odd's coat.
(d) Peed in Odd's shoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stormy say that the gypsy inside the machine did after giving Stormy and Odd their card stating they were destined to be together forever?

2. What does Odd NOT reply when Harlo asks how Odd is doing?

3. What does Stormy accuse Odd of having?

4. What does Odd find in his bathroom in Chapter 31?

5. Where does Odd learn that Robertson got his large sum of money?

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