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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 48-52.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 10 what does Odd say he would have said if he had been able to talk to the other him standing in the doorway of the room?
(a) What's up?
(b) How's it hanging?
(c) Read any good books lately?
(d) Have we met before?

2. What does Viola explain she has planned for August 15?
(a) Going to work.
(b) Going to see her mother.
(c) She has a class at the community college.
(d) Her daughter's birthday.

3. What does Odd tell Viola will happen to her?
(a) She is going to have a car accident within a week.
(b) She will marry again and be happy.
(c) She will die of old age in her bed.
(d) She will dance at her children's weddings.

4. What does the nurse say about the card?
(a) It is warm.
(b) It has goo on the edge.
(c) It makes her feel unsafe.
(d) It has bad energy.

5. What does Ozzie advise Odd to get after hearing about Robertson's house and the black room?
(a) Leave this one alone.
(b) Get out of town.
(c) Hold a seance.
(d) Get a gun.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Odd learn that Robertson got his large sum of money?

2. What does Ozzie tell Odd that people will find the truth of life in?

3. How many bodachs had Odd seen with Gary Tolliver in the days leading up to Gary murdering his entire family with a power drill?

4. What does Odd NOT say that the bodachs have reminded him of in Chapter 12?

5. What does Mr. Takuda say that Odd would poison his life with if he put into it?

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