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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Odd say that Harlo does with the pieces of white felt that he carries around with him?
(a) Tapes it to his chest.
(b) Licks it.
(c) Holds it.
(d) Bites it.

2. What does Odd say he has been thinking of changing jobs to?
(a) Pizzaria.
(b) Legal assistant.
(c) Dental assistant.
(d) Tires.

3. What does Odd say he would do for Stormy if she asked, provided she had a good reason?
(a) Jump off a cliff.
(b) Eat poison.
(c) Walk the plank.
(d) Starve himself to death.

4. Why does Odd explain in Chapter 2 that he is more scared than Harlo when they are in the woman's house?
(a) Odd has more to lose.
(b) Harlo was hardened to this kind of thing.
(c) Odd was worried about the small boy's life.
(d) Odd can't control his movements.

5. What does Odd put into the doorway of the room to watch it vanish completely?
(a) His foot.
(b) A broom handle.
(c) A sock found laying on the floor.
(d) His hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 5 what does Odd compare being a short order cook to?

2. What does Odd NOT reply when Harlo asks how Odd is doing?

3. What does Odd say you hear if you hold a seashell up to your ear which was found while excavating for a new subdivision in Pico Mundo?

4. What does Odd hear when he puts the shell to his ear that Penny Kallisto gives him?

5. What has Harlo put on the white pieces of felt?

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