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Odd's Cooking School

Odd decides that he is going to start his own supernatural cooking school. Give the school a name and a description. Be sure to explain about classes and other important information.

National Headlines.

Write a summary of what happened at the Mall in Pico Mundo and the strange young man that helped to save thousands. Give the story a snappy headline.

Kevin Gosset's Teaching Revoked.

Kevin Gosset had been the driver of the van with the explosives in it. Explain what it was that he taught and bring in quotes from some of his students.

Tire World Hauntings.

The young man in Tire World needs to move on. Explain what it is he needs and why he insists on standing in the Tire World store when there are other stores that won't charge an arm and a leg.

Stormy and Odd's song.

Stormy and Odd...

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