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Chapter 1

• Odd can see dead people.

• Odd has been advised by Ozzie to write down everything that happened to him in these memoirs.

• Odd has a reoccurring dream in which he sees employees from the bowling alley gunned down.

• Odd is approached by a dead girl's spirit and he stops Harlo and confronts him about killing the young girl.

Chapters 2-4

• Odd follows Harlo to a house where Harlo busts through the glass door.

• Harlo tries to hold a six year old boy hostage but the boy is able to get away when Odd attacks Harlo.

• Harlo waits for the police to arrive after realizing he is caught.

• The chief of police knows Odd's gift and says that Odd is to say he saw the Pictures that Harlo had in his wallet of Penny after she had been killed.

• Odd goes on to work and sees several bodachs...

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