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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What last move does Bond make before he shoots?
(a) He wipes the sweat off his hands.
(b) He glances to see where Number 272 is.
(c) He glances down the street to look for the cello player.
(d) He re-aims the sniperscope.

2. What does Bond focus on as he waits at the window?
(a) The cello player.
(b) Sender's advice.
(c) Number 272.
(d) The weeds.

3. What is the significance of "Number 272"?
(a) It's the Russian file that is close to being in British hands.
(b) It's the code name for the man Bond must save.
(c) It's the name of Bond's mission.
(d) It's Bond's code name for his current mission.

4. What publication first publishes "007 in New York"?
(a) The New Yorker.
(b) Wall Street Journal.
(c) New York Times.
(d) New York Herald Tribune.

5. According to Bond, what is wrong with "expense-account aristocracy"?
(a) Their lack of taste deflated the food at the "21".
(b) They have money, but are too cheap to spend it.
(c) They are picky with their orders and take the servers time away from him.
(d) They are phony first-class citizens.

6. What causes great anticipation in Bond's assignment?
(a) The crossing is possible over a three day period.
(b) Everyday Bond sees a little more of Trigger as the hand extends with the gun.
(c) The fact that he gets to use a new weapon.
(d) The cello player.

7. What is most dangerous about the crossing site?
(a) The short distance to the ten story building.
(b) The long distance to the safety recepetion building.
(c) The high wall.
(d) Thirty yards of clear frontier.

8. What is Bond's relationship with Trigger?
(a) Trigger must kill Bond.
(b) Bond and Trigger are to work together on an assignment.
(c) Bond must kill Trigger.
(d) Trigger knows about Bond, but Bond is unaware of Trigger.

9. What causes Sender to be nervous the first night of the mission?
(a) Bond's drinking.
(b) Movement amongst the rubble.
(c) Movement in the dark windows.
(d) Seeing Bond sweat so much.

10. What does Bond tell the person he is meeting with?
(a) The KGB is after her.
(b) The U.S. is watching her at this moment.
(c) The U.S. is soon to find out who she is.
(d) M wants her to return.

11. What are Bond's plans before his rendezvous?
(a) Visit the zoo.
(b) Walk around Harlem.
(c) Do some shopping.
(d) Catch some dinner and jazz music.

12. What does Bond wish to get from Abercrombie's?
(a) A new leather belt.
(b) Some new polos.
(c) A poker game set.
(d) A date with a woman he knows from the Indoor Games Deparment.

13. When the person meets Bond for the rendezvous, what is the person's reaction to Bond's news?
(a) Threatens suicide.
(b) Not surprised and already in preparation.
(c) Contemplates M's offer.
(d) Makes plans to hide away to Jamaica.

14. What does Bond consider about the auto firm he uses?
(a) The driver is with the U.S. Secret Service.
(b) They know his true identity.
(c) They know where a famous brownstone is located.
(d) They is with the KGB.

15. What does Bond look forward to before his flight?
(a) Time to meet with a woman first.
(b) A nap.
(c) Time for drinks.
(d) Time to talk with M about his plans.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the grocery clerk, why doesn't New York carry brown eggs?

2. Why must Bond not reveal his true name in New York?

3. How does Bond relax himself before he takes his position?

4. What is Bond's limitation as he goes out for the day in Berlin?

5. How are the FBI and CIA involved with Bond's mission?

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