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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In present time, where does most of the story's setting actually take place?
(a) At the Edwardian.
(b) At the Astor Hotel.
(c) In the Cadillac.
(d) In Times Square.

2. Solange is known to do what after making love with Bond?
(a) Put on some jazz music and dance.
(b) Take a long time freshening up.
(c) Cuddling too much.
(d) Take a shower immediately.

3. What does Bond add to his coffee when he makes his breakfast?
(a) A caffeine pill.
(b) Milk.
(c) Whisky.
(d) Tranquilizer.

4. What causes Sender to be nervous the first night of the mission?
(a) Seeing Bond sweat so much.
(b) Movement in the dark windows.
(c) Bond's drinking.
(d) Movement amongst the rubble.

5. Why does Bond end up choosing The Edwardian Room for lunch?
(a) The martinis.
(b) The chef cooks his eggs as requested.
(c) The oyster stew.
(d) It's nearby location to his rendezvous point.

6. When the person meets Bond for the rendezvous, what is the person's reaction to Bond's news?
(a) Contemplates M's offer.
(b) Makes plans to hide away to Jamaica.
(c) Not surprised and already in preparation.
(d) Threatens suicide.

7. What is Bond's relationship with Trigger?
(a) Trigger must kill Bond.
(b) Bond must kill Trigger.
(c) Trigger knows about Bond, but Bond is unaware of Trigger.
(d) Bond and Trigger are to work together on an assignment.

8. One of Bond's best meal in New York consists of _____.
(a) Clam chowder and a Miller Lite.
(b) Seafood bisque with pink champagne.
(c) Scrambled eggs with white wine.
(d) Oyster stew and a Miller High Life.

9. What is most dangerous about the crossing site?
(a) The short distance to the ten story building.
(b) Thirty yards of clear frontier.
(c) The long distance to the safety recepetion building.
(d) The high wall.

10. What are Bond's plans before his rendezvous?
(a) Do some shopping.
(b) Walk around Harlem.
(c) Catch some dinner and jazz music.
(d) Visit the zoo.

11. What kind of weapon does the KGB have for their mission?
(a) A sub-machine gun.
(b) Poison gas.
(c) A sniperscope.
(d) Shotgun.

12. What brings Bond to "21"?
(a) The oyster stew.
(b) The aristocratic company.
(c) Nostalgia.
(d) The bartender.

13. What is the significance of "Number 272"?
(a) It's the name of Bond's mission.
(b) It's the code name for the man Bond must save.
(c) It's the Russian file that is close to being in British hands.
(d) It's Bond's code name for his current mission.

14. What causes great anticipation in Bond's assignment?
(a) The fact that he gets to use a new weapon.
(b) The crossing is possible over a three day period.
(c) Everyday Bond sees a little more of Trigger as the hand extends with the gun.
(d) The cello player.

15. How much later does Bond meet with his intended person than planned?
(a) Right on time.
(b) Fifteen minutes ahead of time to throw off any watching eyes.
(c) Thirty minutes after three.
(d) Nine hours later.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are the FBI and CIA involved with Bond's mission?

2. What is Bond's last result when he tests his new weapon?

3. What does Bond wish to get from Abercrombie's?

4. What publication first publishes "007 in New York"?

5. What is M's attitude when Bond meets with him?

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