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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The mood throughout most of the story can be described as ________________.
(a) Frustrating.
(b) Suspenseful.
(c) Chaotic.
(d) Lost in thought.

2. As Bond makes his plans, what does Bond remind himself of often?
(a) Things probably go wrong.
(b) Not to forget his appointment.
(c) New York is his favorite city.
(d) New York has everything.

3. What publication first publishes "007 in New York"?
(a) New York Times.
(b) Wall Street Journal.
(c) New York Herald Tribune.
(d) The New Yorker.

4. What causes Sender to be nervous the first night of the mission?
(a) Movement in the dark windows.
(b) Movement amongst the rubble.
(c) Bond's drinking.
(d) Seeing Bond sweat so much.

5. How does Bond sense trouble from M when he meets with him?
(a) M furrows his brows.
(b) M gives a forced smile.
(c) M gives no greeting.
(d) M is extra polite.

6. How much later does Bond meet with his intended person than planned?
(a) Fifteen minutes ahead of time to throw off any watching eyes.
(b) Nine hours later.
(c) Thirty minutes after three.
(d) Right on time.

7. What is the one major thing New York does not have?
(a) A Reptile House at Central Park Zoo.
(b) Bland food.
(c) The Astor Hotel is now gone.
(d) Abercrombie's is closed.

8. What is different about the double bedroom that Bond and Sender stay in than a typical flat?
(a) The windows are blackened by paint.
(b) There are no windows.
(c) One of the beds has three mattresses against a curtained window.
(d) The windows are no lights available.

9. What are the KGB's plans for Number 272?
(a) To go through with it before the British Secret Service gets a hold of it.
(b) Stop it before it is enacted.
(c) Murder him.
(d) Delay Number 272.

10. What is Paul Sender's job?
(a) Receive Number 272.
(b) Help Bond with his mission.
(c) Keep an eye on the cello player.
(d) Be a back-up if Bond fails his mission.

11. What does the Chief Range Officer invite Bond to?
(a) A drink at the bar.
(b) A shooting match between the Officer and Bond.
(c) Hunting.
(d) The Queen's Prize Competition.

12. What familiarity does Bond experience in the building on Kochestrasse and Wilhlemstrasse?
(a) The decor of the building.
(b) The architecture of the neighborhood.
(c) The sounds on the streets.
(d) Smell of cabbage, cheap cigar and stale sweat.

13. What is the out of ordinary event at Haus der Ministerien?
(a) The women's orchestra.
(b) The man that tinkers with a loud car in its parking lot.
(c) All the lit windows.
(d) The time a few of the staff enter and exit the building.

14. What is Bond's first observation of the crossing site?
(a) The ten-story building standing close by.
(b) How high the wall is that the agent climbs.
(c) Weeds and rubble for good coverage.
(d) The large amount of open space that is uncovered.

15. According to the grocery clerk, why doesn't New York carry brown eggs?
(a) They are too expensive.
(b) The color is too drab for breakfast.
(c) People think they are dirty.
(d) New York chickens don't make brown eggs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What brings Bond to "21"?

2. What are the conditions as Bond tests his weapon?

3. What causes great anticipation in Bond's assignment?

4. Of the listed, which is NOT a place Bond reminisces about?

5. Why does Bond stay at the Astor Hotel?

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