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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the significance of "Number 272"?
(a) It's the name of Bond's mission.
(b) It's Bond's code name for his current mission.
(c) It's the Russian file that is close to being in British hands.
(d) It's the code name for the man Bond must save.

2. What does Bond focus on as he waits at the window?
(a) The weeds.
(b) Number 272.
(c) The cello player.
(d) Sender's advice.

3. What causes great anticipation in Bond's assignment?
(a) The crossing is possible over a three day period.
(b) Everyday Bond sees a little more of Trigger as the hand extends with the gun.
(c) The cello player.
(d) The fact that he gets to use a new weapon.

4. What causes Sender to be nervous the first night of the mission?
(a) Bond's drinking.
(b) Seeing Bond sweat so much.
(c) Movement in the dark windows.
(d) Movement amongst the rubble.

5. What is different about the double bedroom that Bond and Sender stay in than a typical flat?
(a) The windows are blackened by paint.
(b) The windows are no lights available.
(c) There are no windows.
(d) One of the beds has three mattresses against a curtained window.

6. What familiarity does Bond experience in the building on Kochestrasse and Wilhlemstrasse?
(a) Smell of cabbage, cheap cigar and stale sweat.
(b) The architecture of the neighborhood.
(c) The sounds on the streets.
(d) The decor of the building.

7. What is most dangerous about the crossing site?
(a) The high wall.
(b) The short distance to the ten story building.
(c) The long distance to the safety recepetion building.
(d) Thirty yards of clear frontier.

8. What are Bond's feelings, as he receives the assignment from M in "The Living Daylights"?
(a) Reluctant and unwilling until forced to do so.
(b) Is happy to help a fellow agent.
(c) Proud to be British.
(d) Prefers to receive the assignment than give it.

9. Up to what point does Bond's day actually go as planned?
(a) After the Edwardian Room's lunch.
(b) After shopping for toothbrushes.
(c) After dinner with Solange.
(d) After his appointment for his assignment.

10. What does Bond look forward to before his flight?
(a) Time to meet with a woman first.
(b) Time for drinks.
(c) Time to talk with M about his plans.
(d) A nap.

11. What is Bond's first observation of the crossing site?
(a) How high the wall is that the agent climbs.
(b) The ten-story building standing close by.
(c) The large amount of open space that is uncovered.
(d) Weeds and rubble for good coverage.

12. What types of books do Bond prefer?
(a) Biographies.
(b) Sherlock Holmes.
(c) Thrillers.
(d) Romance novels.

13. What further impresses the Range Officer as he walks Bond out?
(a) Bond's car.
(b) The commanding way Bond speaks to the Corporal.
(c) The woman waiting for Bond.
(d) Bond's clothing.

14. According to Bond, what is missing from New York's market?
(a) Fresh foods.
(b) Sharp clothing shops.
(c) Neon signs.
(d) Souvenirs.

15. What is Bond most concerned about, in regards to his new weapon?
(a) It's delay.
(b) Fade.
(c) Weight.
(d) Going through airport security.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is M's attitude when Bond meets with him?

2. According to Bond, what is wrong with "expense-account aristocracy"?

3. Where does Bond spend his first free afternoon while on assignment in Berlin?

4. What is Bond's relationship with Trigger?

5. What does Bond tell the person he is meeting with?

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