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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why must Bond not reveal his true name in New York?
(a) Suspected KGB knows Bond's identity.
(b) Bond is wanted by the U.S government.
(c) The person Bond is meeting does not agree to meet if Bond is revealed.
(d) The assignment is against the U.S.

2. What is the corporal friend's job in connection with Bond's mission?
(a) Make a car backfire to mute gunshot noises.
(b) Make sure Bond's aparment is stocked with everything he needs.
(c) To distract Trigger.
(d) Keep an eye on Bond as he goes around Berlin.

3. How does Bond relax himself before he takes his position?
(a) Reads a book.
(b) Drinks a cup of coffee.
(c) Calls M.
(d) Drinks a cup of tea.

4. What place in New York does Felix Leiter suggest to Bond?
(a) A sadist and masochist bar.
(b) A restaurant with the best scrambled eggs in town.
(c) A jazz lounge.
(d) A good place to get Izod socks.

5. What is Bond most concerned about, in regards to his new weapon?
(a) Fade.
(b) Weight.
(c) It's delay.
(d) Going through airport security.

6. How does Sender handle Bond's work?
(a) Chooses not to write the truth in his report to protect Bond.
(b) Disappointed in Bond.
(c) Understanding of Bond's decision.
(d) Angry that Bond fails his mission on purpose.

7. When is "007 in New York" first published in America?
(a) 1959.
(b) 2001.
(c) 1973.
(d) 1963.

8. What is New York preparing for during Bond's assignment in New York?
(a) New Year's in Times Square.
(b) Olympics.
(c) World's Fair.
(d) Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

9. What causes Bond to sweat while waiting for his suitcase to be checked?
(a) The hidden gun in his suitcase.
(b) Central heating.
(c) The man's glare from the customs deparment.
(d) The middle-aged man's stare.

10. What is Paul Sender's job?
(a) Be a back-up if Bond fails his mission.
(b) Receive Number 272.
(c) Keep an eye on the cello player.
(d) Help Bond with his mission.

11. How does Bond sense trouble from M when he meets with him?
(a) M furrows his brows.
(b) M gives a forced smile.
(c) M is extra polite.
(d) M gives no greeting.

12. What does Bond look forward to before his flight?
(a) Time for drinks.
(b) A nap.
(c) Time to meet with a woman first.
(d) Time to talk with M about his plans.

13. Where does Bond spend his first free afternoon while on assignment in Berlin?
(a) A walk to the Zoo.
(b) At a brownstone known by concierges and taxi drivers.
(c) At a bar.
(d) In the apartment.

14. What is Bond's first observation of the crossing site?
(a) Weeds and rubble for good coverage.
(b) The ten-story building standing close by.
(c) The large amount of open space that is uncovered.
(d) How high the wall is that the agent climbs.

15. What does Bond focus on as he waits at the window?
(a) The cello player.
(b) Sender's advice.
(c) Number 272.
(d) The weeds.

Short Answer Questions

1. In present time, where does most of the story's setting actually take place?

2. One of Bond's best meal in New York consists of _____.

3. What is Bond's last result when he tests his new weapon?

4. What does Bond accuse Americans being too much of?

5. Why is the Chief Range Officer present?

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