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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Smythe make friends with "Pussy"?
(a) A month.
(b) A year.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) Two months.

2. What common theme do all the Lots of the auction have?
(a) They are all British artists.
(b) They are all paintings.
(c) They are all jewelry.
(d) They are all by Russian artists.

3. On Smythe's and Oberhauser's drive, what does Smythe offer Oberhauser instead of an arrest?
(a) A mountain climb and then Smythe lets him free.
(b) Freedom if Oberhauser tells him where Franziskaner halt is located.
(c) An informal interrogation in the car and then he lets him go.
(d) Freedom if Oberhauser translates papers in secrecy.

4. How do scorpion fish hide?
(a) They bury themselves under sand.
(b) They hide in coral nooks and crannies.
(c) They only come out at night.
(d) They camouflage with coral and seaweed.

5. What is Smythe preparing for since his arrival to the West Indies?
(a) Oberhauser's family to find him.
(b) A questioning, such as the one Bond is giving him.
(c) A plan B that allows escape and comfortable retirement elsewhere.
(d) A chance to leave the military past and enter the world of marine science.

6. What disappoints Bond at the auction?
(a) He is not given back up.
(b) There are too many people.
(c) Wilson does not bang his gavel at the end of an auction.
(d) He is unable to find the Russian Control.

7. Why does Smythe arrest Oberhauser?
(a) To use him as a mountain guide.
(b) To translate his papers.
(c) To use him to carry down the ammunition box.
(d) To interrogate him.

8. What does Smythe miss, despite his frustration when it happens?
(a) His "people's" aggressive behavior.
(b) Mary's nagging.
(c) Dr. Greave's nagging.
(d) "Pussy's" grabbing.

9. What is a usual way to signal a bid at an auction?
(a) A toe tap.
(b) A flick of the catalogue.
(c) Call out "here".
(d) A wink.

10. What catches Smythe's eye as he looks over the files?
(a) An out of place map.
(b) An envelope that says to open in case of final emergency.
(c) Stationary written in hand rather than type.
(d) An envelope that says For Your Eyes Only.

11. What does Mr. Fanshawe focus his eyes on as he speaks with Bond?
(a) Bond's boots.
(b) Bond's cuff links.
(c) Over Bond's shoulder.
(d) The painting behind Bond.

12. Peter Wilson's demeanor at the rostrum is ___________.
(a) Boisterous.
(b) Unemphatic.
(c) Animated.
(d) Insipid.

13. What tactic is used to raise a Lot's price during an auction?
(a) Using an under-bidder.
(b) When the lead buyer looks to see who is bidding against him.
(c) Telling the auctioneer ahead of time a buyer's interest and price range.
(d) False signals.

14. What is Freudenstein's maternal history that helps her gain British trust?
(a) Her mother is English.
(b) Her mother works for the British secret service.
(c) Her grandmother is friends with Churchill.
(d) Her mother participates in the resistance against the Revolution.

15. What kind of audience does Sotheby's gala mainly attract?
(a) Royalty.
(b) Film celebrities.
(c) Philanthropists.
(d) Rich pleasure-seekers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Smythe secretly looking for?

2. What causes the audience to applaud as Lot 42 is being auctioned?

3. As soon as Lot 42 is done, where does Bond head to?

4. What trouble does the ammunition box give Smythe?

5. Where does Smythe live?

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