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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Smythe's morning routine by 10:30 A.M.?
(a) Feed the fishes.
(b) Have an alcoholic drink.
(c) Go fishing.
(d) Exercise.

2. What does Smythe make sure of when he leaves the hut?
(a) The door remains open.
(b) That Oberhauser is secured inside.
(c) There is no evidence of recent use.
(d) The note he leaves is noticeable immediately by anyone who walks in.

3. How is Freudenstein related to the art piece?
(a) She helps sponsor its discovery out of the Kremlin.
(b) There are records of her buying it.
(c) It is sent to her from Russia.
(d) Her grandfather makes it for her.

4. In addition to Snowman, who else competes for the Fabergé?
(a) The Metropolitan.
(b) Bond.
(c) The Italians.
(d) Freudenstein.

5. Why does Smythe arrest Oberhauser?
(a) To use him to carry down the ammunition box.
(b) To translate his papers.
(c) To use him as a mountain guide.
(d) To interrogate him.

6. What does Smythe do with the paper that catches his eye?
(a) Get a transalator to read it then keeps it.
(b) Hand it over to the Colonel.
(c) Read it and then carefully keep it in his inside pocket.
(d) Burn it after reading.

7. Where are Peter Wilson's eyes looking to watch for a signal from a dealer?
(a) Close to Snowman.
(b) Near the front and center.
(c) Far right hand corner of room.
(d) Near Bond.

8. What causes the octopus to get excited as Smythe gets closer to him?
(a) Smythe's call.
(b) The smell of the fresh scorpion fish.
(c) The smell of Smythe's blood.
(d) The smell of the scorpion fish's poison.

9. Wartski's storefront can be described as __________.
(a) Too loud and ritzy.
(b) Drab.
(c) Subtle rather than ostentatious.
(d) Flashy like Cartier's.

10. What does M say to offend Dr. Fanshawe?
(a) He says the jewelers' world is too materialistic.
(b) He says art is for those that don't understand logic.
(c) He refers to the art piece as a hunk of jewelry.
(d) He calls the art abstract foolery.

11. What kind of information does the catalogue give about the Lots?
(a) What the minimum bidding price is set at.
(b) How each Lot comes into Sotheby's hands.
(c) A description of the Lot and its history.
(d) Who currently owns it.

12. How do scorpion fish hide?
(a) They bury themselves under sand.
(b) They only come out at night.
(c) They camouflage with coral and seaweed.
(d) They hide in coral nooks and crannies.

13. What is Bond hoping for to affirm his suspicions of who the Russian Control is?
(a) That the under-bidder enters the Russian Embassy.
(b) That a clear photo is available of him at the auction.
(c) That he now contacts Freudenstein.
(d) That Freudenstein contacts him.

14. About how much is the expected art piece worth?
(a) ~ 1,000,000 British pounds.
(b) ~ 10,000 British pounds.
(c) ~ 50,000 British pounds.
(d) ~ 100,000 British pounds.

15. What does Freudenstein do that exposes her true intentions for working with the British government?
(a) She works on her Russian to work as a double agent for Britain.
(b) She attends a Leningrad espionage school.
(c) She commutes between Whitehall and the Russian Embassy every Wednesday.
(d) She burns a Russian flag to prove her loyalty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What catches Smythe's eye as he looks over the files?

2. What does Dr. Greaves ration Smythe's vices to?

3. Where does Smythe live?

4. What sign indicates Smythe is lying when he says he cannot recall an Hannes Oberhauser?

5. What does Smythe miss, despite his frustration when it happens?

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