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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Bond's personal connection to Smythe's crime?
(a) Oberhauser is a dear friend of Bond's.
(b) Bond looks up to Smythe's work in the service.
(c) Bond and Smythe are enemies from a previous assignment.
(d) The contents of the ammunition box are Bond's.

2. Wartski's storefront can be described as __________.
(a) Drab.
(b) Subtle rather than ostentatious.
(c) Too loud and ritzy.
(d) Flashy like Cartier's.

3. What is Bond's mood as the auction for Lot 42 starts to wind down?
(a) Assured and excited he finds out who the Russian Control is.
(b) Nervous because he does not seen a signal.
(c) Angry at himself for not seeing the signal.
(d) Nervous that M is angry if he fails in this assignment.

4. What common theme do all the Lots of the auction have?
(a) They are all British artists.
(b) They are all by Russian artists.
(c) They are all jewelry.
(d) They are all paintings.

5. What does Freudenstein do that exposes her true intentions for working with the British government?
(a) She attends a Leningrad espionage school.
(b) She works on her Russian to work as a double agent for Britain.
(c) She burns a Russian flag to prove her loyalty.
(d) She commutes between Whitehall and the Russian Embassy every Wednesday.

6. During the end of Smythe's service, what are most of the files he is in charge of about?
(a) Espionage, Gestapo personnel and secret hideouts.
(b) Bombed sites in Germany.
(c) Interrogation methods used for whom.
(d) Prison camp logs and records the Nazis kept.

7. What is Smythe in search of for Professor Bengry?
(a) A butterfly fish.
(b) A rare coral.
(c) A scorpion fish.
(d) An octopus.

8. What disappoints Bond at the auction?
(a) There are too many people.
(b) Wilson does not bang his gavel at the end of an auction.
(c) He is unable to find the Russian Control.
(d) He is not given back up.

9. What is Freudenstein's maternal history that helps her gain British trust?
(a) Her grandmother is friends with Churchill.
(b) Her mother participates in the resistance against the Revolution.
(c) Her mother works for the British secret service.
(d) Her mother is English.

10. As soon as Lot 42 is done, where does Bond head to?
(a) Back to headquarters.
(b) To thank Snowman.
(c) Follows the underbidder.
(d) The cameramen to ask for a photo of the underbidder.

11. What department does Bond work for?
(a) Ministry of Defense.
(b) MI5.
(c) Ministry of Justice.
(d) Court of Protection.

12. What marking is on the contents of the ammunition box?
(a) Mint marks of the Swiss National Bank.
(b) Mint marks of the Reichsbank.
(c) Signature of the Reichsbank president.
(d) Reichsbank stamp.

13. Tired of playing mind games, what does Bond offer Smythe?
(a) Time to consider his confession.
(b) A sleeping pill on their way out.
(c) For Bond to care for his arraignments or less forgiving men to handle his case.
(d) To leave quietly or publicly.

14. What causes the audience to applaud as Lot 42 is being auctioned?
(a) Sotheby's announces it matches the price for a charity.
(b) The piece shows its brilliance as the sun shines through the glass ceiling.
(c) The auctioneer allows a pause between each bid near its suspenseful end.
(d) The price reaches 100,000 British pounds.

15. What does Smythe make sure of when he sees the cairn he is looking for?
(a) That his revolver is ready.
(b) That Oberhauser takes the correct route.
(c) That no one else is around.
(d) That he is on the right trail.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bond prepare himself in identifying a Russian spy the night of the auction?

2. In addition to Bond, who else is at Sotheby's to capture evidence of the Russian Control?

3. What causes the octopus to get excited as Smythe gets closer to him?

4. On Smythe's and Oberhauser's drive, what does Smythe offer Oberhauser instead of an arrest?

5. What categorical drunk does Fleming group Smythe?

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