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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About how much is the expected art piece worth?
(a) ~ 1,000,000 British pounds.
(b) ~ 10,000 British pounds.
(c) ~ 100,000 British pounds.
(d) ~ 50,000 British pounds.

2. What is Smythe preparing for since his arrival to the West Indies?
(a) A plan B that allows escape and comfortable retirement elsewhere.
(b) Oberhauser's family to find him.
(c) A chance to leave the military past and enter the world of marine science.
(d) A questioning, such as the one Bond is giving him.

3. What business does Bond have with Smythe?
(a) Is there to arrest Smythe for his criminal actions from WWII.
(b) Is there to take revenge on Smythe for killing Bond's old friend.
(c) Is there to question Smythe about his actions at the end of WWII.
(d) Is there to honor Smythe for services in WWII.

4. Who must Bond meet with whenever the red telephone rings?
(a) Double O.
(b) MI5.
(c) M.
(d) Communications.

5. What does Smythe make sure of when he leaves the hut?
(a) There is no evidence of recent use.
(b) The note he leaves is noticeable immediately by anyone who walks in.
(c) That Oberhauser is secured inside.
(d) The door remains open.

6. Who is Major Dexter Smythe talking to in the introduction of the story Octopussy?
(a) An octopus.
(b) A scorpion fish.
(c) Reef fishes.
(d) His "people".

7. What department does Bond work for?
(a) MI5.
(b) Court of Protection.
(c) Ministry of Defense.
(d) Ministry of Justice.

8. Peter Wilson's demeanor at the rostrum is ___________.
(a) Unemphatic.
(b) Boisterous.
(c) Insipid.
(d) Animated.

9. What names does Bond mention that worries Smythe his time is up?
(a) Reichsbank and Oberhauser.
(b) Mary and Dr. Greaves.
(c) Tyrol and Ober Aucher.
(d) Gestapo and MOB.

10. What does Dr. Greaves ration Smythe's vices to?
(a) A glass of rum and no more smoking.
(b) Two ounces of whiskey and ten cigarettes per day.
(c) Ten cigarettes and no more drinking.
(d) A glass of wine and a pack of cigarettes a day.

11. What tactic is used to raise a Lot's price during an auction?
(a) Using an under-bidder.
(b) Telling the auctioneer ahead of time a buyer's interest and price range.
(c) False signals.
(d) When the lead buyer looks to see who is bidding against him.

12. What disappoints Bond at the auction?
(a) There are too many people.
(b) Wilson does not bang his gavel at the end of an auction.
(c) He is unable to find the Russian Control.
(d) He is not given back up.

13. In addition to Bond, who else is at Sotheby's to capture evidence of the Russian Control?
(a) An MI5 cameraman.
(b) Freudenstein.
(c) Snowman.
(d) M.

14. What does Smythe miss, despite his frustration when it happens?
(a) Dr. Greave's nagging.
(b) Mary's nagging.
(c) His "people's" aggressive behavior.
(d) "Pussy's" grabbing.

15. What does Mr. Fanshawe focus his eyes on as he speaks with Bond?
(a) Over Bond's shoulder.
(b) The painting behind Bond.
(c) Bond's cuff links.
(d) Bond's boots.

Short Answer Questions

1. What practical use does the Emerald Sphere serve?

2. What is Dr. Fanshawe's expertise in?

3. How does Bond prepare himself in identifying a Russian spy the night of the auction?

4. Who are Smythe's "people"?

5. What does Freudenstein's grandfather do before the Russian Revolution?

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