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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Smythe's "people"?
(a) Corals.
(b) The socialites he consorts with.
(c) The employees at his home.
(d) Reef fishes.

2. How does Snowman know when the under-bidder begins his bids?
(a) When the room is quiete except for Wilson's voice.
(b) When the Italian Institute calls off their buyer.
(c) When Metropolitan steps out of the bids.
(d) When Freudenstein no longer bids.

3. What is etched on the Emerald Sphere?
(a) The Tree of Life.
(b) The Freudenstein family name.
(c) The artist's signature.
(d) Map of the world.

4. Against only what other art is the Emerald Sphere compared to?
(a) The Russian Crown Jewels.
(b) The Great Imperial Crown.
(c) The Orb of Vertu.
(d) The Imperial Easter Eggs.

5. Tired of playing mind games, what does Bond offer Smythe?
(a) Time to consider his confession.
(b) A sleeping pill on their way out.
(c) For Bond to care for his arraignments or less forgiving men to handle his case.
(d) To leave quietly or publicly.

6. What does Freudenstein do that exposes her true intentions for working with the British government?
(a) She burns a Russian flag to prove her loyalty.
(b) She commutes between Whitehall and the Russian Embassy every Wednesday.
(c) She works on her Russian to work as a double agent for Britain.
(d) She attends a Leningrad espionage school.

7. Why does Freudenstein receive a gift from the Russian government?
(a) To pay for her double agent work.
(b) To pay for her mother's services in the Tulip Escape Route.
(c) To lure her to work for them as a double agent.
(d) Reparations from the Revolution.

8. What signals give Bond an idea of what kind of news to expect from his boss?
(a) Miss Moneypenny's expressions.
(b) How the weather is that day.
(c) M's tone over the intercom.
(d) Whether his boss' door is open or not.

9. What is Smythe's initial reaction when he realizes Bond's purpose of visit?
(a) Instinctively looks for ways to escape.
(b) Gets chest pains and takes a pill.
(c) Looks Bond in the eye to see how far he goes.
(d) Gets overly excited and takes a large gulp of Brandy.

10. What gives away Wartski's notable stature?
(a) The Royal Warrants.
(b) The endless cases of shiny jewelry.
(c) The sign the certifies their status amongst world jewelers.
(d) The paintings of royalty.

11. What is Bond's mood as the auction for Lot 42 starts to wind down?
(a) Angry at himself for not seeing the signal.
(b) Assured and excited he finds out who the Russian Control is.
(c) Nervous because he does not seen a signal.
(d) Nervous that M is angry if he fails in this assignment.

12. What disappoints Bond at the auction?
(a) There are too many people.
(b) He is not given back up.
(c) He is unable to find the Russian Control.
(d) Wilson does not bang his gavel at the end of an auction.

13. What is Smythe's main duty when Germany surrenders in WWII?
(a) To monitor prison camps.
(b) Interrogation of high profile Nazis.
(c) To clean-up Gestapo and Abwehr hideouts.
(d) To clean-up towns that are bombed.

14. What does Freudenstein's grandfather do before the Russian Revolution?
(a) He is a famous painter.
(b) He is a porcelain manafacturer.
(c) He makes extravagant jewelry for royalty.
(d) He polishes jewelry.

15. What happens over time as Smythe spends his retirement in the Caribbean?
(a) He becomes a drunkard who lets himself go.
(b) He becomes happier and more at ease with the tropical weather.
(c) Everyday, he sees the guilt in his crime with his lifestyle.
(d) He forgets about his crimes and lives a life of ease working at the Institute.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dr. Fanshawe's expertise in?

2. How does Bond feel about Snowman by the end of his visit to Wartski's?

3. What is so important about the cairn?

4. What does Smythe want to see before he dies?

5. What identifies Smythe to his crime?

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