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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bond feel about Snowman by the end of his visit to Wartski's?
(a) Bond thinks Snowman is helpful, but too focused on his work to help.
(b) Bond needs him, but thinks he is too devious to trust.
(c) Bond trusts him completely.
(d) Bond is curious about Snowman's relationship with the Russian Control.

2. What sign indicates Smythe is lying when he says he cannot recall an Hannes Oberhauser?
(a) He gulps his Brandy rather than sips it.
(b) He breaks eye contact with Bond.
(c) He shivers in 80Ëš heat.
(d) He twitches an eye.

3. What idea does Bond get in regards to Russia's local Control in London?
(a) The auctioneer is friendly with the Russian Control.
(b) Following Freudenstein may bring them to the local Control.
(c) They can identify him at the auction.
(d) He probably works directly with the jewelers.

4. Why is Smythe nervous of smoke and noise on top of a mountain?
(a) He does not want to cause an avalanche.
(b) He does not want Oberhauser comfortable.
(c) He does not want to attract bears.
(d) He does not want his presence in the mountain known.

5. In addition to Snowman, who else competes for the Fabergé?
(a) Freudenstein.
(b) The Italians.
(c) The Metropolitan.
(d) Bond.

6. What causes the audience to applaud as Lot 42 is being auctioned?
(a) The price reaches 100,000 British pounds.
(b) The auctioneer allows a pause between each bid near its suspenseful end.
(c) The piece shows its brilliance as the sun shines through the glass ceiling.
(d) Sotheby's announces it matches the price for a charity.

7. Why does Freudenstein receive a gift from the Russian government?
(a) To pay for her double agent work.
(b) Reparations from the Revolution.
(c) To lure her to work for them as a double agent.
(d) To pay for her mother's services in the Tulip Escape Route.

8. What trouble does the ammunition box give Smythe?
(a) It's awkward shape.
(b) Its heavy weight.
(c) It's tight lock.
(d) It's lack of a handle.

9. What is Bond fearful of when he notices Smythe's reaction to his visit?
(a) That Smythe has nothing to lose.
(b) That Smythe dies of a heart attack before Bond gets him to London.
(c) That Smythe knows his own villa better than Bond does.
(d) That Smythe takes a suicide pill.

10. What does Smythe miss, despite his frustration when it happens?
(a) Dr. Greave's nagging.
(b) "Pussy's" grabbing.
(c) Mary's nagging.
(d) His "people's" aggressive behavior.

11. What is Smythe secretly looking for?
(a) A large sum of cash.
(b) Gold bars.
(c) Swiss gold.
(d) Bonds.

12. Bond is trying to identify the Russian Control at Sotheby's. What is the most difficult part in identifying the Russian Control?
(a) Bond is unable to leave his seat and is confined to one view of the room.
(b) Noting the secret signal between the Russian Control and Wilson.
(c) The crowd at Sotheby's is too chaotic to observe carefully.
(d) Wilson runs the auction too speedily.

13. What does Smythe want to be able to do with "Pussy"?
(a) Shake its tentacle like a hand.
(b) Watch it hunt.
(c) Be able to call it out of its hiding place.
(d) Feed it from his hand.

14. What causes the octopus to get excited as Smythe gets closer to him?
(a) The smell of the scorpion fish's poison.
(b) Smythe's call.
(c) The smell of the fresh scorpion fish.
(d) The smell of Smythe's blood.

15. How does Bond prepare himself in identifying a Russian spy the night of the auction?
(a) He wears dark glasses to hide himself better.
(b) He researches the latest Russian fashion.
(c) He brushes up on his Russian.
(d) He inspects the Russian Embassy staff photos ahead of time.

Short Answer Questions

1. On Smythe's and Oberhauser's drive, what does Smythe offer Oberhauser instead of an arrest?

2. What does Smythe make sure of when he leaves the hut?

3. As soon as Lot 42 is done, where does Bond head to?

4. What does Bond mention to seal the fact that he knows about Smythe's past?

5. How do scorpion fish hide?

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