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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Bond to reach for a gun while he sits in his office?
(a) M yells at him.
(b) Red telephone rings.
(c) Unexpected knock on the door.
(d) Wakes up suddenly from sleep.

2. What reassures Snowman that Bond is someone he can like?
(a) Bond's ability to speak Russian.
(b) Bond's knowledge of Old Russia.
(c) Bond telss Snowman the truth immediately without mind games.
(d) Bond's knowledge of the pieces of work on display.

3. How does Bond feel about Snowman by the end of his visit to Wartski's?
(a) Bond is curious about Snowman's relationship with the Russian Control.
(b) Bond trusts him completely.
(c) Bond needs him, but thinks he is too devious to trust.
(d) Bond thinks Snowman is helpful, but too focused on his work to help.

4. Why does Smythe arrest Oberhauser?
(a) To use him to carry down the ammunition box.
(b) To use him as a mountain guide.
(c) To interrogate him.
(d) To translate his papers.

5. What identifies Smythe to his crime?
(a) Oberhauser's family.
(b) His bullets.
(c) His fingerprints.
(d) A note read by the wrong person.

6. What does Freudenstein do that exposes her true intentions for working with the British government?
(a) She works on her Russian to work as a double agent for Britain.
(b) She burns a Russian flag to prove her loyalty.
(c) She commutes between Whitehall and the Russian Embassy every Wednesday.
(d) She attends a Leningrad espionage school.

7. What gives away Wartski's notable stature?
(a) The Royal Warrants.
(b) The sign the certifies their status amongst world jewelers.
(c) The endless cases of shiny jewelry.
(d) The paintings of royalty.

8. About how much is the expected art piece worth?
(a) ~ 1,000,000 British pounds.
(b) ~ 100,000 British pounds.
(c) ~ 10,000 British pounds.
(d) ~ 50,000 British pounds.

9. Against only what other art is the Emerald Sphere compared to?
(a) The Russian Crown Jewels.
(b) The Orb of Vertu.
(c) The Imperial Easter Eggs.
(d) The Great Imperial Crown.

10. What does Dr. Greaves ration Smythe's vices to?
(a) Two ounces of whiskey and ten cigarettes per day.
(b) Ten cigarettes and no more drinking.
(c) A glass of wine and a pack of cigarettes a day.
(d) A glass of rum and no more smoking.

11. Who must Bond meet with whenever the red telephone rings?
(a) Double O.
(b) M.
(c) MI5.
(d) Communications.

12. What is Smythe preparing for since his arrival to the West Indies?
(a) A questioning, such as the one Bond is giving him.
(b) A chance to leave the military past and enter the world of marine science.
(c) A plan B that allows escape and comfortable retirement elsewhere.
(d) Oberhauser's family to find him.

13. Peter Wilson's demeanor at the rostrum is ___________.
(a) Animated.
(b) Insipid.
(c) Unemphatic.
(d) Boisterous.

14. How long does Smythe make friends with "Pussy"?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) A month.
(c) A year.
(d) Two months.

15. Tired of playing mind games, what does Bond offer Smythe?
(a) A sleeping pill on their way out.
(b) Time to consider his confession.
(c) For Bond to care for his arraignments or less forgiving men to handle his case.
(d) To leave quietly or publicly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What names does Bond mention that worries Smythe his time is up?

2. What idea does Bond get in regards to Russia's local Control in London?

3. What building does Bond work in?

4. How does Snowman know when the under-bidder begins his bids?

5. What does Smythe expect to get from the contents of the ammunition box?

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