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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What work of art does Dr. Fanshawe speak of that is so important to the Secret Service?
(a) The Imperial Easter Eggs.
(b) The Portrait of a Lady.
(c) The Emerald Sphere.
(d) Orb of Vertu.

2. Against only what other art is the Emerald Sphere compared to?
(a) The Russian Crown Jewels.
(b) The Orb of Vertu.
(c) The Imperial Easter Eggs.
(d) The Great Imperial Crown.

3. What categorical drunk does Fleming group Smythe?
(a) Phlegmatic.
(b) Melancholic.
(c) Choleric.
(d) Sanguine.

4. Why does Smythe arrest Oberhauser?
(a) To interrogate him.
(b) To use him to carry down the ammunition box.
(c) To use him as a mountain guide.
(d) To translate his papers.

5. What is Bond fearful of when he notices Smythe's reaction to his visit?
(a) That Smythe knows his own villa better than Bond does.
(b) That Smythe has nothing to lose.
(c) That Smythe dies of a heart attack before Bond gets him to London.
(d) That Smythe takes a suicide pill.

6. What signals give Bond an idea of what kind of news to expect from his boss?
(a) Miss Moneypenny's expressions.
(b) M's tone over the intercom.
(c) How the weather is that day.
(d) Whether his boss' door is open or not.

7. What causes the audience to applaud as Lot 42 is being auctioned?
(a) The price reaches 100,000 British pounds.
(b) The piece shows its brilliance as the sun shines through the glass ceiling.
(c) Sotheby's announces it matches the price for a charity.
(d) The auctioneer allows a pause between each bid near its suspenseful end.

8. Where are Peter Wilson's eyes looking to watch for a signal from a dealer?
(a) Near Bond.
(b) Close to Snowman.
(c) Near the front and center.
(d) Far right hand corner of room.

9. What idea does Bond get in regards to Russia's local Control in London?
(a) Following Freudenstein may bring them to the local Control.
(b) They can identify him at the auction.
(c) He probably works directly with the jewelers.
(d) The auctioneer is friendly with the Russian Control.

10. How does Bond like the current state of crime in London?
(a) Bored with it.
(b) Excited by it.
(c) Cool on the outside, stressed in the inside.
(d) Unnerved.

11. What does Dr. Greaves ration Smythe's vices to?
(a) A glass of wine and a pack of cigarettes a day.
(b) Ten cigarettes and no more drinking.
(c) A glass of rum and no more smoking.
(d) Two ounces of whiskey and ten cigarettes per day.

12. What does Freudenstein do that exposes her true intentions for working with the British government?
(a) She attends a Leningrad espionage school.
(b) She works on her Russian to work as a double agent for Britain.
(c) She burns a Russian flag to prove her loyalty.
(d) She commutes between Whitehall and the Russian Embassy every Wednesday.

13. What sign indicates Smythe is lying when he says he cannot recall an Hannes Oberhauser?
(a) He gulps his Brandy rather than sips it.
(b) He shivers in 80Ëš heat.
(c) He twitches an eye.
(d) He breaks eye contact with Bond.

14. Of the following, which best describes Major Smythe?
(a) Slightly bald with a saggy belly.
(b) Tired in his eyes, but with a strong body.
(c) Content in his life, but more hopeful for slow aging.
(d) Fit and strong.

15. Peter Wilson's demeanor at the rostrum is ___________.
(a) Unemphatic.
(b) Boisterous.
(c) Insipid.
(d) Animated.

Short Answer Questions

1. What tactic is used to raise a Lot's price during an auction?

2. What marks the under-bidder is done and out of the auction for Lot 42?

3. What is Smythe in search of for Professor Bengry?

4. What trouble does the ammunition box give Smythe?

5. What practical use does the Emerald Sphere serve?

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