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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What catches Smythe's eye as he looks over the files?
(a) An envelope that says to open in case of final emergency.
(b) Stationary written in hand rather than type.
(c) An out of place map.
(d) An envelope that says For Your Eyes Only.

2. What trouble does the ammunition box give Smythe?
(a) It's awkward shape.
(b) It's tight lock.
(c) It's lack of a handle.
(d) Its heavy weight.

3. What is so important about the cairn?
(a) It indicates the site of the gold bars.
(b) It tells him where the bonds are hidden.
(c) It tells him the way to the secret treasure.
(d) It indicates his way back without Oberhauser.

4. Peter Wilson's demeanor at the rostrum is ___________.
(a) Unemphatic.
(b) Boisterous.
(c) Animated.
(d) Insipid.

5. How does Bond feel about Snowman by the end of his visit to Wartski's?
(a) Bond is curious about Snowman's relationship with the Russian Control.
(b) Bond thinks Snowman is helpful, but too focused on his work to help.
(c) Bond trusts him completely.
(d) Bond needs him, but thinks he is too devious to trust.

6. What tactic is used to raise a Lot's price during an auction?
(a) Using an under-bidder.
(b) Telling the auctioneer ahead of time a buyer's interest and price range.
(c) When the lead buyer looks to see who is bidding against him.
(d) False signals.

7. What practical use does the Emerald Sphere serve?
(a) It is a scaled globe.
(b) It works as a lunar calendar.
(c) It's a paperweight.
(d) It works as a clock.

8. How does Smythe get Oberhauser to stand exactly where he wants him?
(a) Pretends to see something afar and asks Oberhauser for his opinion.
(b) Lures him with questions about the views.
(c) Tells him to move over for a picture.
(d) Asks him to take a picture of Smythe from a certain angle.

9. What is Smythe's initial reaction when he realizes Bond's purpose of visit?
(a) Gets chest pains and takes a pill.
(b) Instinctively looks for ways to escape.
(c) Looks Bond in the eye to see how far he goes.
(d) Gets overly excited and takes a large gulp of Brandy.

10. How does Bond feel about Freudenstein?
(a) He likes her more if she smiles more.
(b) He thinks lowly of her.
(c) He pities her.
(d) He is in awe of her bravery.

11. In addition to Bond, who else is at Sotheby's to capture evidence of the Russian Control?
(a) Snowman.
(b) M.
(c) An MI5 cameraman.
(d) Freudenstein.

12. How does Bond prepare himself in identifying a Russian spy the night of the auction?
(a) He wears dark glasses to hide himself better.
(b) He inspects the Russian Embassy staff photos ahead of time.
(c) He brushes up on his Russian.
(d) He researches the latest Russian fashion.

13. What gives away Wartski's notable stature?
(a) The paintings of royalty.
(b) The Royal Warrants.
(c) The endless cases of shiny jewelry.
(d) The sign the certifies their status amongst world jewelers.

14. What is Smythe in search of for Professor Bengry?
(a) A butterfly fish.
(b) An octopus.
(c) A scorpion fish.
(d) A rare coral.

15. What categorical drunk does Fleming group Smythe?
(a) Choleric.
(b) Phlegmatic.
(c) Sanguine.
(d) Melancholic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What names does Bond mention that worries Smythe his time is up?

2. How old is Smythe?

3. What kind of information does the catalogue give about the Lots?

4. What possible danger is there if M increases the Purple Cipher's level of deception?

5. What does Smythe expect to get from the contents of the ammunition box?

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