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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What last hint does Snowman give Bond?
(a) The hands are usually where the signals are.
(b) The best view of the room is in the back.
(c) To look for any slight movement as a signal.
(d) To keep watch on the audience's eyes for signals.

2. What famous artist is responsible for making the art piece Dr. Fanshawe mentions?
(a) Snowman.
(b) Piotr.
(c) Freudenstein's grandfather.
(d) Fabergé.

3. What is Smythe's main duty when Germany surrenders in WWII?
(a) To monitor prison camps.
(b) Interrogation of high profile Nazis.
(c) To clean-up Gestapo and Abwehr hideouts.
(d) To clean-up towns that are bombed.

4. What is the scorpion fishes main weapon?
(a) Long, sharp teeth.
(b) Sharp scales.
(c) Poisonous bite.
(d) Poisonous dorsal fin.

5. What signals give Bond an idea of what kind of news to expect from his boss?
(a) How the weather is that day.
(b) Whether his boss' door is open or not.
(c) Miss Moneypenny's expressions.
(d) M's tone over the intercom.

6. On Smythe's and Oberhauser's drive, what does Smythe offer Oberhauser instead of an arrest?
(a) An informal interrogation in the car and then he lets him go.
(b) Freedom if Oberhauser translates papers in secrecy.
(c) A mountain climb and then Smythe lets him free.
(d) Freedom if Oberhauser tells him where Franziskaner halt is located.

7. Wartski's storefront can be described as __________.
(a) Drab.
(b) Too loud and ritzy.
(c) Subtle rather than ostentatious.
(d) Flashy like Cartier's.

8. What causes the audience to applaud as Lot 42 is being auctioned?
(a) The auctioneer allows a pause between each bid near its suspenseful end.
(b) The price reaches 100,000 British pounds.
(c) The piece shows its brilliance as the sun shines through the glass ceiling.
(d) Sotheby's announces it matches the price for a charity.

9. Where does Smythe live?
(a) North Shore, Jamaica.
(b) Aruba.
(c) Nassau, Bahamas.
(d) Key West, Florida.

10. What does Freudenstein's grandfather do before the Russian Revolution?
(a) He is a famous painter.
(b) He polishes jewelry.
(c) He is a porcelain manafacturer.
(d) He makes extravagant jewelry for royalty.

11. What department does Bond work for?
(a) Ministry of Defense.
(b) Court of Protection.
(c) Ministry of Justice.
(d) MI5.

12. What identifies Smythe to his crime?
(a) A note read by the wrong person.
(b) His fingerprints.
(c) Oberhauser's family.
(d) His bullets.

13. What trouble does the ammunition box give Smythe?
(a) It's tight lock.
(b) Its heavy weight.
(c) It's lack of a handle.
(d) It's awkward shape.

14. How does Bond prepare himself in identifying a Russian spy the night of the auction?
(a) He researches the latest Russian fashion.
(b) He wears dark glasses to hide himself better.
(c) He inspects the Russian Embassy staff photos ahead of time.
(d) He brushes up on his Russian.

15. What kind of information does the catalogue give about the Lots?
(a) How each Lot comes into Sotheby's hands.
(b) Who currently owns it.
(c) What the minimum bidding price is set at.
(d) A description of the Lot and its history.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do scorpion fish hide?

2. What does Smythe look for on his map?

3. What is Dr. Fanshawe's expertise in?

4. What marks the under-bidder is done and out of the auction for Lot 42?

5. How does Snowman know when the under-bidder begins his bids?

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